Marketing Agency in Essex: What to Look Out for When Hiring an Agency

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Marketing Agency in Essex: What to Look Out for When Hiring an Agency

When hiring a marketing agency in Essex, it’s important that you know you are going to be well looked after. Every business relationship needs to hold an element of trust, and this is even more important when an outsider is sharing materials on your behalf. Having said this, it can be difficult to know what a top marketing firm really looks like. 

Below are our top tips on what to look out for when it comes to sourcing a marketing agency in Essex…

Communication is Key 

When you work alongside another company on a project, communication becomes critical. In fact, this is what forms the foundations for a successful, long-term business relationship. 

It is only natural that you would want to know how your money is being utilised and the ROI that our efforts are generating. It is for this reason exactly that we produce monthly reports for each of our valued clients. These detail the progress we have seen over the month and how we plan to push further over the following few weeks. This is your opportunity to see for your own eyes our amazing results. 

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What’s more, when you work with our marketing agency in Essex, you benefit from having us all under one roof. By avoiding freelancing, we are able to minimise the communication chain, keeping everything much simpler for you. Further, we use multiple tools such as Teams and WhatsApp to ensure we are only ever a few clicks away!

Proven Track Record 

When someone says something positive about your business, it is only natural that you would want to shout about it! If a company isn’t willing to share proof of their track record, this is certainly a red flag. Do be aware, however, that agencies are often required to sign an NDA for some of our clients! 

At our marketing agency in Essex, we are always open to sharing client testimonials and case studies. We’re extremely proud of what we have achieved through the years and will never shy away from boasting of our successes. That being said, we also like to make a point of saying that we’re also multi-award-winning too! In fact, according to the Global Business Awards 2021, we’re the ‘Best PR & Marketing Agency’ in the UK. 

Guaranteed Results 

As marketing experts, we know consumer behaviour well. That’s why we know that as a business, you’re going to want to know that your money is going to good use. Don’t we all to some extent? In other words, you will want to know that a risk is going to pay off, before taking the leap. 

As the only PR firm within the country to offer a guarantee on our results, you can be rest assured you’re in safe hands. We recognise that journalists can sometimes be unpredictable, but this doesn’t mean our clients should have to pay for it. Should any leads be lost during your time with us, we will work around the clock to secure an even better one. Moreover, with our valuable connections, we gain access to exclusive opportunities too! 

How Much Experience Do They Have? 

Ok, so experience isn’t everything. An agency could have 50 years of industry knowledge but still deliver a poor service. However, there are some elements of marketing that require an experienced eye. SEO, for example. When choosing your marketing agency in Essex, don’t be shy in asking how long the company has been going for! 

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At VerriBerri, we have operated within the marketing sector for over a decade. 12 years to be exact. During this time, we have helped hundreds of businesses with different areas of their marketing strategies. Our experience spans a plethora of different industries, giving us a valuable insight into different markets and consumers. 

High Quality with a Touch of Affordability 

Marketing shouldn’t cost the earth. However, the saying is true – you do get what you pay for! 

Many people are often put off by the hefty price tags put on marketing by London agencies. Like with most things, if you utilise a city business, you’re going to pay city prices. This is because these organisations typically have much larger overheads than businesses based in Essex. 

At our marketing agency in Essex, we put a heavy focus on making marketing more attainable for businesses of every size. What’s more, we still maintain our second to none, multi-award-winning results! When you choose VerriBerri, you benefit from high quality with a touch of affordability. 

Look At Their Own Marketing 

Something that many people don’t think to look at is the actual marketing agencies, well… marketing. This can be used as a good indicator as to the level of work they will produce for you. As experts, their online profiles, website and other materials should all be professional, but creative. This is certainly something to consider before going ahead! 

Working With VerriBerri 

Currently utilising lots of different businesses for each component of your strategy? Marketing doesn’t need to be complicated! At VerriBerri, we offer a completely integrated 

service. When creating your package, we will tailor this to suit you, only including the services you really need. What’s more, this is something that we can always adapt further down the line should you wish too. 

A full list of our expert areas can be found below: 

  1. Public Relations and Crisis Communications 
  2. Influencer and Affiliate Marketing 
  3. Internal Communications 
  4. Social Media Management 
  5. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 
  6. Pay Per Click (PPC) 
  7. Event Management 
  8. Graphic Design (Branding, Packaging and Website Development) 

Contact Our Marketing Agency in Essex 

New businesses are popping up left right and centre and markets are only going to become more saturated. With this in mind, it is in your brands best interest to invest in your strategy now, rather than later. Being proactive is key. 

For more information on how VerriBerri can help you make some noise with your brand, why not get in touch? Our experts are always available to lend a helping hand! You can contact us today by clicking here!