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Marketing agency in Essex

At VerriBerri, we are a multi-award winning marketing agency in Essex, with over 12 years of experience. We provide exceptional services across the UK, backed up by a variety of impressive accolades. The last 18 months haven’t been easy for anyone, with many businesses only now beginning to return to normality. 

With the majority being forced online, standing out from the crowd has never been more important in the success and survival of your brand. Especially in industries such as fashion, how you market your business could be the key to thriving or failing. Due to the vast reach of the internet, there is no better place to connect with your followers or reach new audiences. However, others already realise this, so you must act quick if you hope to stay competitive. 

Whether you need a complete rebrand or help in a specific area, we offer a completely transparent service from start to end, proving the assistance you actually need, rather than selling you unnecessary services. We pride ourselves on building relationships with our clients rather than just treating them as a source of income. That’s why we offer such a high-quality service without the London price tag. To see some of the services our award-winning agency offers, read on!

Social Media Marketing

Now more than ever, having a strong online presence is essential in order to stay competitive, whatever industry you operate in. Promoting your business, connecting with your audience or conducting research are all key in order to make customers aware that you exist, convincing them to purchase from you and retaining them after purchase. 

Whilst this may sound simple, we can promise you, it’s not. Not every post, blog or platform will benefit your business. By working alongside our team of social-media specialists, we tailor the most effective strategy to your business, providing you with the best possible package in order to improve your online presence. This could involve creating captivating posts for your social media, interacting with your audience or updating your blog and website, with the aim of boosting engagement with your customers. 


CSR marketing Agency

How your customers view your business is just as important as the products you sell or the service you provide, if not more. At VerriBerri, we collaborate with journalists to gain coverage for your business, including managing media relations, press releases and collaborating with influencers. By promoting your brand and painting it in a positive light, new and existing customers become more aware of your business. Once your potential audience is aware you exist, other marketing strategies such as social media or influencer marketing can then be included, increasing engagement, and generating more sales. Win-win! Without giving your business the exposure it needs to increase the awareness of its customer base, there are few opportunities for growth and future success. 

Should something negative damage your brand, our crisis management team are at hand to minimise the damage and protect the integrity of your brand. Also, we are the only marketing agency in Essex and the UK to offer a PR guarantee. Therefore, no matter what happens, you will have complete security, guaranteeing you results. On top of that, you will also receive that full award-winning service that we offer.

Influencer Marketing

For those business in which it will suit, influencer marketing is a newly recognized approach at generating awareness. This is through utilising popular social media figures. Influencers are those with a high following and engagement on social media platforms, commonly utilizing TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. We work with various influencers relevant to your specific brand, offering different campaigns including gifting, collaborations, and ambassadorships. In fact, VerriBerri have a whole portfolio of influencers that we work with! Due to the large following and loyalty of the audience, this strategy gives you access to new markets. Consequently, this increases the awareness and traffic towards your website. 

By collaborating with these influencers to promote your brand, it also helps to stay ahead of competitors as your name is out there more. If a potential customer saw your product endorsed by popular influencers, they are much more likely to make a purchase from you rather than your competition. The most effective campaign may depend on the size and budget of your business. However at VerriBerri, we have years of experience working with influencers and managing all types of campaigns. Therefore, no matter your business, we can provide an effective strategy tailored to you. This will help to efficiently grow the size and awareness of your audience.  

Search Engine Optimization

PR and marketing Agency Essex

Whatever industry your business operates in, how visible your business is to your potential customers directly affects the size of your audience. Especially with the majority of businesses having an online presence, making sure customers are aware that you exist is essential for the survival of your brand. If you aren’t visible when people search for related keywords, you risk losing out on massive amounts of revenue. Sound daunting? Well that’s where we come in. Our expert content team have years of experience in dealing with these issues, so don’t threat, we can help.

When searching for a product online, rarely anyone goes past the 2nd page before giving up. This highlights the importance of search engine optimization when creating content for your business. The better optimized your brand is, the higher it appears on google rankings, therefore the higher traffic for your business. Our multi-award winning team are experts in this area! We will help you to get your business to the top of the rankings and reap the benefits from it. 

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As an award-winning marketing agency in Essex, we understand that this may sound overwhelming. But not for us! With 12 years of experience providing excellent services, our teams are well equipped to deal with whatever issues you have. These services include graphic design, social media and content management, PR, SEO and more! If you would like to find out more about us and the services we offer, contact us by clicking here.