Multiple award-winning Marketing Agency in Maldon

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Multiple award-winning Marketing Agency in Maldon

VerriBerri was launched by CEO Sarah Kauter in 2009. Since then, the PR and Marketing agency in Maldon has gone from strength to strength. For example, we have won multiple awards from ‘Best UK Marketing and PR Agency’ to ‘Best Employer’. The business has been structured to deal with a large variety of Companies. Our PR and content team will work to your specific goals. Whether that be a book launch, an increase in sales on your website, or just generally bringing exposure to your Company, we can help you!

We have dedicated teams in PR, online marketing, offline marketing, design, and business development. If you choose to work with us, you will be allocated an Account Manager. They will then ensure that your designated team will complete all aspects of your work to an extraordinary standard, liaise with you and furthermore, provide you with a monthly report of the work carried out and the results achieved. 

What makes us different?

To our knowledge, we are the only Marketing Agency in Maldon to guarantee our results. As a team we focus on business and success, if you aren’t growing as a company, nor are we.  Building exposure to your business and helping to drive profit is what we are passionate about. We have fantastic client retention, which speaks for itself.

VerriBerri itself has years of marketing and public relations experience without the expensive price tag. Our specialist team carefully consider all ideas from our clients and will work with you to create the best way of using the content you wish. What’s better? It will have our professional spin to it. Or, if you are a complete newbie to marketing, we can create the content. This will then get sent to you for approval or adjustments. We believe that collaboration is key to success. As a result of working together, we can come up with campaigns that your clients will believe in as we will have the insider knowledge from you.

Our Team

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At VerriBerri we pride ourselves on our excellent teamwork. We have monthly team building exercises and fun events scheduled to ensure our team are all working together. Although, we all have different areas of interest in our marketing agency in Maldon, we like to make sure our workforce is happy. Afterall, a happy work force is a healthy one. 

From one team who work specifically in the PR section, who have regular group meetings to run through content and ideas. Another team dealing with social media content and all things socials. We have specialists in dealing with influencers and collaborations, a graphic designer who can transform all your branding and give your website a complete make over. All the way to employees who specialise in blogs and using key words to boost your SEO

The difference Marketing can make to a Business

As a well-known marketing agency in Maldon, we know first-hand the difference that marketing and PR can make to a business. It is not just about marketing yourself; it’s about using the right marketing for you. We can advise you on the best way to boost your company’s profile. Many people are under the illusion that social media and ads is the best way to go for business. However, this is not always the case. If you have a unique brand, it often works best to introduce people to it first. Showcasing it using an article through a magazine or well-known newspaper would be a great option. This is where you can talk about your product in more depth.

Alternatively, if you have a business that has numerous competitors, it would work well to see how your competition market themselves. Therefore, you can see if you can find a niche area to target in which they are not already doing so. 

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If you choose to go with VerriBerri for your marketing and public relations, we will produce a monthly report and breakdown for your business to highlight how we have spent our time and what we have achieved in this timeframe. We can show you statistics for website clicks or an overview of your social media engagement and much more. Social media has become a game changer for businesses especially since the dreaded COVID19 virus struck, we can show you how to utilise this and use it as a powerful tool in your business structure.


In terms of location, we are based in a hidden gem of Essex. Maldon is renowned for the famous Hythe Quay, which is home to many of the remaining Thames barges. A variety of short trips from Maldon are available on these ancient crafts, which attracts many people to the area. We are also just a short walk along the river to the Promenade Park, which is a fantastic area for families and people wishing to enjoy a nice stroll along the water. With this being said, we feel a Marketing Agency in Maldon is a great place to have a business for our clients.

Choosing VerriBerri

If you are unsure on the ‘ins and outs’ of marketing, then choosing VerriBerri is a great investment into the future of your business. As a business owner, let’s face it, you are rather busy as it is with the day to day running of your company. Our team can ease the extra pressures of marketing and help you create a business structure that works best for you and your team. Click here to get in touch and find out what we can do to help