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Marketing Companies in London

Often, marketing gets a bad name from the high cost associated with marketing companies in London. However, this isn’t the case for every agency out there. When done properly in fact, marketing can bring you a pretty impressive return on investment (ROI.)

Based in Essex, we are a multi award-winning marketing and PR agency with a passion for seeing companies bloom from our combined efforts. We work hard to fully understand our clients before carrying out our work. As a result of this, we have achieved well above what is expected of us on every occasion. The areas we can assist in are:

  • Social Media Management
  • SEO 
  • PPC
  • Event Management 
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Public Relations and Crisis Management
  • Content Creation

How We’re Different

There are many things that set us apart from marketing companies in London. Often, people are deterred by the hefty price tag that comes with choosing a London agency. Here at VerriBerri, we aim to keep our prices as low as possible without compromising on quality. This is something lots of our clients have praised us for. In addition, we also guarantee our PR results. 

Integrity is important whenever you enter into a business contract and we like to echo this through our PR guarantee. Previously, lots of our clients have been put off public relations purely because it can be hit and miss. By choosing to work with us, you can be rest assured that we will only promise what we are confident in delivering. 

Freelancing is a concept we’ve always been against. While it can work for some companies, it makes matters difficult when you’re working with a number of different clients. Having us all under the same roof means you will always be able to get hold of someone involved in your project. This makes communication easier for you, something that marketing companies in London don’t often offer. What’s more, for an agency based in the South East, we have a large team of 18 staff. This is great when it comes to ideation and brainstorming and also allows us to focus more closely on each individual client.

No two businesses are the same. As such, your marketing strategies need to be different from the next. Having worked with start-ups all the way through to multinational conglomerates; we understand that every industry requires different things. Here at our Essex agency, we offer completely bespoke packages. We tailor your strategy for your business and allowing for budget restrictions. 

How Marketing is Effective

If you’re not convinced marketing is the way forward for your business, you should be. As all marketing companies in London will tell you, putting a strategy in place is an important investment, not an unnecessary cost. 

There’s not a single company out there that couldn’t benefit from more brand awareness. If people don’t know who you are, it’s likely that your turnover is low. This being said, it doesn’t need to be. Marketing in any form is a great way for you to become a market leader in your industry. 

Whether that’s done through improving your Google rankings or building your social platforms; marketing will push your message out to more people. This is so that they are more likely to visit your website when they need the product or service you offer. Alongside this, marketing is a great way for you to get ahead of your competitors. 

Why Now?

With the pandemic still over our heads, lots of companies are struggling right now. Whilst this economic crisis may be terrible for your pockets, you can spin this around to be a good thing for your business. With the majority of people being affected by the current climate, people have really been pulling in their purse strings. 

This means that when it comes to buying new things, they’re likely to go with what is recommended to them or play it safe with what they already know. Marketing your product right now is bound to get people taking about what you do. This will make it far more likely for people to choose your brand over others, no matter what sector you are in. 

Why You Need an Agency

Of course, if you’re not wanting to spend a lot of money when it comes to marketing, there are some aspects you can do yourself. You may even have an in-house team that just need a small bit of assistance or maybe you’re only looking for a consultancy. Whatever your needs, we are here to help.

Piecing together a team with specific talents is much more difficult than outsourcing to a company who already have expert knowledge in all aspects of marketing. Whether you’re choosing between marketing companies in London or an agency elsewhere in the country, they’re going to be experts in this field. This means a more professional experience for you without having to worry about things going wrong along the way.


Sticking with a similar theme as before; hiring an agency will mean much more efficiency when it comes to time. You can wave goodbye to the stresses that come with staff being on maternity, sick, or annual leave and be confident that your marketing is still being worked on. As well as this, you don’t have to worry about retraining anyone as the industry moves with trends; meaning more cost-efficiency for your business too. 

Having the size team that we do, allows us to really spend time on ideation of new concepts and ideas. We’re all human and nobody is immune to hitting a brick wall when it comes to being creative. Being able to brainstorm with a large team of diverse individuals means we’re constantly coming up with more and more authentic ideas to implement into your marketing strategy. If you’re not a naturally creative person, this may be useful for you, so you don’t have to waste time stressing over coming up with new concepts. 

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If you’re passionate about your company and want it to exceed its current success; you really should consider marketing. Having worked on hundreds of client projects across a range of industries; we would love to give you our expert opinion on how to take your brand to the next level. For more information on how we can help, get in touch by clicking here.