Marketing Company in Colchester

Marketing Company in Colchester

Marketing Company in Colchester

Our marketing company in Colchester have been helping businesses excel for over a decade. Having worked with a range of clients throughout the UK and US, we have a wealth of knowledge covering every industry. Whether you need help with your SEO, social media, PR,  or even website design, we do it all!

Why Choose Now to Market Your Product?

With the economy in tatters, you may wonder why now is a good time to market your product. Whilst it’s true, not everyone has as much disposable income as they once did, we do have a whole lot more time on our hands. What do we do when we’re bored? We use our phones to scan the internet. What do we do when we spend too much time online? We spend money. It’s as simple as that really. Marketing your product during a pandemic is bound to make you see a huge rise in demand for whatever it is that you sell. Whether you’re a fashion and lifestyle brand or even if you sell holidays. People use spending money as a way for them to feel better. Add to the equation the money people are saving on meals out and travel and you’re onto a winner! 

In addition to this, our marketing company in Colchester found the first lockdown the perfect time for our clients to get ahead of their competitors. If you’re in a heavily saturated market, now is the perfect opportunity to get to the forefront of your industry. Marketing will make you more recognisable to your target audience; meaning more sales for you.

Christmas has crept up fast on everyone this year and although it feels like it’s going to be overshadowed by COVID; people are still eager to make the festive period a success. Spending time with our loved ones feels more important than ever this year and I think everyone joins me in their determination to make the end of the year much better than the start. This means that more people will be going bigger and better this year. Spending more money and going all out. The holiday season sets the perfect tone for a ground-breaking marketing campaign. Research shows that in 2018, UK customers spent on average £567 across the festive season. A number that is bound to rise this year.

Types of Marketing

Of course, there are thousands of different sectors out there so it’s unlikely that each of the marketing types we’re about to discuss will be perfect for everyone. By hiring a marketing company in Colchester, we’re able to advise where your money and time is best spent meaning you don’t waste energy where it’s not needed. There are also things to consider such as budget. Some areas of marketing you may not want to pump money into just yet and that’s completely fair enough. Not all of these options are necessary. You could even attempt some things yourself!

Social Media Management

Starting simple with social media management, every company should have an online presence. With the entirety of the UK being flung into a second lockdown; it’s only natural that people will be using social media as an escape from the real world and to cure their boredom. The main social media sites used by companies include LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It’s likely that your company will be able to utilise one of these platforms however, if not, you have lots more to choose from! From TikTok to Reddit and Pinterest to Tumblr, the opportunities are endless.

Graphic Design

Often, graphic design is overlooked when people are considering their marketing strategy. It becomes part of the furniture and people get used to what they already have. This being said, our marketing company in Colchester urge you to consider the impact branding can have on your sales. Whether you need a logo, rebranding or website design and creation, we are well geared to help! We have an entire team dedicated to this area of expertise helping to bring your vision to life. 

PR and Crisis Management

When dealing with the press, things can quickly become quite slow-moving and unpredictable. Despite this, public relations are an incredibly important tool to utilise when marketing a product or service. Whether you’re pitching to appear in a news or magazine article, or you want to explore the world of influencer marketing, you’re bound to be exposed to a completely new market. 

As much as tabloids are great for the exhibition of your brand, unfortunately, there are some negatives. The news is pretty difficult to ignore and even if you are successful along this quest, you’re not immune to other people making you aware of what’s going on in the world. It’s show in psychology that we prefer to read more negative news stories; simply because it allows us to feel better about our own lives.

Mainstream media makes mega bucks on this concept and as such, is always keen to jump on the bandwagon of knocking both companies and individuals. No matter how much you stay away from said controversy; nobody is able to completely avoid it and it can and will ruin your reputation if it’s not managed well. Our marketing company in Colchester offer a crisis management service. Our aims are to keep negative stories from being published by the press or managing the impact of these detrimental stories if they have already been released.


Finishing on quite a technical type of marketing, we then reach SEO. SEO is all about your website. It’s the process of gearing up your site so that it can reach its maximum potential when appearing on the search engine results page (SERP.) Search engine optimisation is all about fighting for that top position when people search for keywords regarding what your business does. For example; we would want to be as high as possible when people search for ‘marketing company in Colchester.’ There are a number of ways you can optimise your website. For example, content creation (blogs and landing pages specifically), meta-descriptions, social media and back-linking.

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