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What Values Should You Look For In A Marketing Company In Essex?

There are so many marketing firms out there, it can be hard to know where to start. Just as with searching for the perfect property; there should be a list of baseline criteria that an agency fills as an absolute minimum. Whilst yes the services remain of paramount importance; the character and traits shown by an agency are arguably of equal importance. The team here at VerriBerri, a leading marketing company in Essex, wanted to delve into what it thinks are the major qualities to look out for in an agency. This way, you won’t end up working with a firm who’ll cause you distress further down the line.


It should be a given that if you’re in business with somebody you expect them to be honest, open and accountable regarding the service they’re providing you. Unfortunately, however, this doesn’t always prove to be the case. The pressure to be successful leads some firms to cut corners which, in turn, leads to mistakes being made.

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Now, everybody makes mistakes, we’re all human and even the most reputable agencies and firms will have made errors along the way to where they are today – even now, they’ll still make mistakes! But it’s what you do about them that matters. As a business, you would obviously prefer it that you were kept in the loop should anything not go to plan. Fewer agencies than you may think have the decency and integrity, however, to front up when this is the case. You may not think this is a huge issue, but when these mistakes and decisions end up costing your business money down the line, you’ll soon realise it is.


A marketing company in Essex will not only support your firm in a business capacity, but in a personal one as well. There’s a misconception surrounding marketing agencies that they’re cold and calculating, interested in nothing else but profit. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A good agency, an objectively good agency, is one that will support you both in good times and in bad. Businesses go through peaks and troughs in the same way that all things in life do; if you don’t choose the right agency, you’ll find a marketing team suddenly jumping ship at the first sight of trouble – it’s not worth their while. Your agency should enthuse you with confidence in successful times, and instil solace when things go awry.


It doesn’t matter whether you see yourself as a particularly ‘creative’ business or not; good marketing is predicated around lateral thinking and abstract ideas. Clichéd though it may sound; thinking outside of the box is crucial in setting a business apart from its competitors when it comes to its marketing. Creativity, as a term, is not necessarily synonymous with whacky or absurd.

You can be an IT company with creative marketing whilst maintaining the professional, sleek image and technical proficiency that you want to convey. It will quickly become apparent whether a firm has the required creativity to propel your business onwards. When you’re offered marketing strategies, look for those that are presented in different ways, that contain something a little unusual or just the way that the agency delivers the pitch itself. Creativity is by no means a tangible, quantifiable metric. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t easy to spot those that possess it and those who don’t.

Enthusiasm & Ambition

Why would you want to work with a marketing company in Essex that doesn’t seem excited about working with you? You should be met with an infectious zeal and get-go, not a disinterested, ‘just another job’ response. Here at our agency, for example, we appreciate that whilst we have many clients, to you your business is your baby, your passion. That’s why we go above and beyond with every project, regardless of the size! We don’t think that makes us particularly special, we just think that’s what should be expected!

A marketing firm should be pushing your brand forwards, always looking for ways to further your business as opposed to simply maintaining the current results. After all, the end result for marketing is to grow a company; if this ethos isn’t reflected within an agency’s overarching goal as a firm, then that in itself is something of a red flag. The business world nowadays is too competitive for a company to rest on its laurels. That’s why we’re not afraid to give businesses that extra push even when they don’t think they need it.


Now, we can’t pretend that results don’t matter because of course they do! If you think a firm has met all of the above criteria, you should then turn to whether they can talk the talk, so to speak. Ask for case studies demonstrating their ROI and services. You should also look to see if they can provide examples of where they’ve had to adapt midway through a project. Any agency can do well when the seas are calm; but how did they perform when things got a little choppier? Also, even if you’re only getting one particular marketing service – content creation, say – make sure to look at their other departments as well. A good agency is a well-rounded one.

When you’ve put down the phone after a first consultation with a marketing agency, just take a minute to process what you heard. We don’t mean the specifics; we mean how they came across. First impressions count and you can generally gauge someone even over the phone. If you’re to enter a working relationship of any real longevity; then you want to make sure you’re doing it with the right people. So, if you’d like to find out more about our marketing company in Essex, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850. We’d love for you to come into the office, meet the team and get a feel for what we’re all about!