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Rebranding Agency

The level of competition in the business world across all sectors these days is truly staggering. Previously niche industries are now full to the rafters of businesses wanting a piece of the pie. If you’re a business that’s been set up for a while, what may once have sufficed from a branding perspective, is often now dated and not up to the job. That’s where a rebranding agency can be so useful.


The team here at VerriBerri have over a decade of experience in the marketing industry. During this time, we’ve gained valuable insight into what works from a branding perspective, and what categorically doesn’t. Whether you’re looking for a witty slogan, an innovative logo or an instantly recognisable brand name, we can help realise your business vision.

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Your brand’s transformation often takes the form of three separate components coming together in one new branding package. Here at our rebranding agency, we’ve a track record of providing all three:


  • Name. What’s in a name? Well, actually, quite a lot. The best brands are those with catchy, memorable names that transcend their industry to become a brand. Take Hoover, for instance, a brand name so successful that the product is more synonymous with the brand than the product itself – the vacuum cleaner. Our team of content creators have built their careers around innovative and lateral thinking. They make a point of thinking between the lines and utilising what isn’t there as well as what is.


  • Logo. Our highly skilled graphic design can craft something unique for your brand, a logo that captures interest, lasts in the memory and most of all, encapsulates your brand in its entirety.
  • Slogan. Just like with the name, a catchy slogan can be the difference between securing a customer and not. We host regular brainstorming sessions in our office as well as carrying out focus groups to nail the perfect one-liner, guaranteed to stick in people’s heads.



The office here at VerriBerri is packed with creatives from all different walks of life. Our team have wildly different interests and personalities. This melding of ideas, perspectives and styles results in a truly electric creative space where no ideas are off the cards.


We approach every project with the kind of enthusiasm and vigour that your brand deserves. We appreciate that to you the brand is your baby and not simply just another client as many agencies may think. That’s why we put such personal effort into each and every piece of work that we do.

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With so many competitive brands out there nowadays, supply often outweighs demand. This means that your logo, name and slogan need to be as close to perfect as possible to be successful.


So, if you’d like to find out more about out rebranding agency, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850. We’d love to have a discussion as to where we can help take your brand moving forward.