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 plus size fashion marketing agency

The plus size market is booming; with a market worth of over £20 billion. However, most major retailers fail to recognise this sector as valuable and one to cash in on. As a result, this opens up opportunities to plus size brands to grow and capture this audience. With vast experience in marketing plus size fashion brands, VerriBerri has a team of copywriters, graphic designers and social media managers to assist with growing your brand awareness and increasing traffic to your website.


Based in Essex, VerriBerri is a specialist plus size fashion marketing agency with over a decade of experience within the industry. Founded by our Managing Director, Sarah, in 2009, we have since worked with a wide variety of fashion brands in the United Kingdom and around the world – particularly plus size brands. We also have represented a number of plus size fashion influencers, helping them to secure articles and collaborations.


Our knowledge of the industry and highly-skilled team puts us way ahead of our competitors – as well as making us one of the chosen plus size fashion marketing agencies in the UK. As a result, we can guarantee that our marketing services will help your business grow and gain visibility like never before. If you would like to find out more information about our services, read below…

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The team at VerriBerri believe that every industry deserves specialist marketing services – no matter how niche or complex it is! While in many ways plus size fashion marketing is no different to marketing to straight-size customers, we understand the plus size demographic. Our team understands the beliefs, values and thoughts of plus size consumers. We know that straight-sized retailers are constantly telling plus size shoppers they aren’t good enough because they cannot fit into their clothing. Therefore, all plus size brands should take a sensitive and body-positive approach to their marketing.


We are able to provide inclusive and diverse marketing services for plus size fashion brands including:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • PPC
  • Organic SEO
  • Public Relations
  • Graphic Design
  • Event Management
  • Photography and Videography Services



We have previously worked with clients in the fashion and beauty sector. Our past work has included management of a fashion retailer’s social media platforms and designing online adverts for a plus size clothing brand. With our previous experience in plus size fashion marketing, our in-depth knowledge of the industry and highly-skilled creatives put us way above our competitors.


Not only are our marketing services specialised for the fashion industry but we provide bespoke strategies for each of our clients. It has always been our belief that the ‘one size fits all’ approach is unacceptable when it comes to marketing. All of our clients receive a personalised strategy, which is tailored to their business needs and goals. In fact, our team takes great care in getting to know you and your brand before designing a bespoke strategy. As a result, we are better equipped to grow and develop your brand.


Alongside designing you a personalised strategy, the team at VerriBerri pride ourselves on being completely transparent and honest. While in the initial meeting phase, we won’t try to sell you services that aren’t relevant to your brand. If you’re looking to grow your social media following organically, we won’t try to coerce into social media advert creation. Instead, our team works with you to establish your exact requirements and become an extension of your team.

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Here at VerriBerri, we are extremely lucky to have a team of like-minded and diverse creatives who promote inclusivity in everything they do. As a result, we like to work with brands who match our beliefs and values. Not only have we previously worked with plus size fashion brands to promote body positivity but we have worked on projects for female empowerment, veganism and LGBTQ awareness.


With a passion and expert knowledge of these topics and sectors, our team is able to deliver excellent results. When you begin working with VerriBerri, our team is explicitly clear in setting defined targets and KPIs. As a result, everything we do is measured against the goals to ensure we are always meeting your expectations. You will receive a record of whether we have met our targets each month in our round-up reports. Therefore, you can track our progress towards meeting your goals along with us.


We are not only open and transparent when it comes to setting targets but our team believes in a matter-of-fact approach to marketing. While we would like to promise you heaven and Earth, we understand that doesn’t benefit either of us! Instead, we look at what our team is capable of and what we can achieve for your brand to decide realistic goals. When explaining our work to you, we won’t use confusing jargon or fluff around the edges. Our team is always forthcoming in giving you important updates and relevant information so you’re never left in the dark.



We deliver a high-quality service akin to the likes of London marketing agencies but without the London price tag. It is often believed that London is the epicenter for marketing in England but we are helping to change this belief. Many clients have told us that we actually offer an excellent service like none other in the capital – let alone Essex. This is mostly down to our team of knowledgeable and skilled creatives who always deliver impeccable marketing and PR services. Not only is it important to us that your brand succeeds, we also strive to keep up this reputation we have built over a decade.


Are you looking for a specialist marketing agency for your plus size brand? Why not get in touch with our team and find out more information about our services!


We are always happy to discuss our plus size fashion marketing and PR services over the phone on 01376 386850 or email us at [email protected]

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