Womens Fashion Brand PR agency


Womens Fashion Brand PR agency

Based in Essex, our womens fashion brand PR agency is a female dominated team who are passionate and knowledgeable of the fashion industry itself. With key contacts in glossy magazines, nationals and with local influencers, we have built a hub of relevant relationships that support our need to elevate your brand; no matter where in the UK you are based.



Having worked with fashion brands previously we are keen to get stuck in and more than able to provide little or lots of advice where needed. Strong imagery and building a loyal customer base is vital to ensure success for your women’s fashion brand. Our team at VerriBerri are able to assist your team from concept to launch should that be what you require.

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With a track record of securing press in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Closer and Female First, we have made key contacts in the industry that will endeavour to spread the word of your women’s fashion brand.


Not only is it important to secure coverage in the right kind of magazine but it is also key that the brand message is positive and in the right light. We can ensure that this is portrayed across all your preferred channels. Consistently working towards a loyal and targeted customer base for you. We also guarantee our results. To our knowledge we are the only agency in the UK that do this.



If you are launching your new business we also have the capabilities to organise and throw a launch party in your suggested location.


Since managing launch parties in prestigious venues; we have made fantastic connections with influencers who provide ongoing support and brand awareness for our clients. From a small gathering to a large party where all your friends and family can celebrate what you achieved we will take your brief and make it into a reality.


Always working towards the end goal with your budget in mind towards.

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We want your business to be successful and we want you to become a leader in your industry. All members of our team are passionate about each and every client we work alongside.


A combination of skills and expertise mixed with the love for what we do will ensure that you get the best results possible for your budget. Communication between our team and yours will always stay consistent. We will run our movements by you in order to ensure they are always mirroring your current and future goals.



If you like the sound of what we are able to offer, what’s stopping you? Get in touch; even just for an initial discussion with one of our team members.


Not only will you get to see and hear more of what we have to offer but we can start to immerse ourselves into your business. For more information call 01376 386850 today.

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