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There’s such a wealth of misinformation on the internet surrounding health, fitness and nutrition that it can be hard to know what to trust.

We should always look to those bastions of trust within the fitness community that are personal trainers. You can download a sketchy PDF copy of a diet from the net; or you can use someone qualified, highly trained and genuinely interested in your growth, from both a fitness and personal perspective.


That’s why we work as a personal trainer marketing agency. Here at VerriBerri, we believe people are entitled to have access to those genuinely interested in helping people, which is just what personal trainers do.

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Our marketing agency utilises various different methodologies, tailor-made to your needs as a personal trainer. This is in order to compile a comprehensive marketing strategy. Think of it like making a 12-week plan for your client. It involves specifically picked workouts, meal plans and timings which all come together as one cohesive whole to provide the best possible results. The marketing we pursue as an agency includes:

  • Social media management. With such a huge number of users across various platforms, this is not an audience you want to be missing out on. Our social media managers can curate content for your accounts, grow them organically and take care of all the scheduling.
  • Content creation and SEO. Blog-writing is a great way to both show off your knowledge and get your PT website ranking higher on Google. We also offer back-end SEO work where we fine-tune your website so it’s more ‘valuable’ according to Google. This too will help you climb the search engine rankings.
  • PR. Although many people don’t think this is marketing, it absolutely is. Our experienced PR team will land you articles in leading fitness magazines.

We also offer graphic design, business development services and marketing consultancy.



Our team are highly dedicated, trained and committed to their work just like personal trainers are to theirs. We approach our work in much the same way as a PT may train their client. Our results stem from our consistency, our holistic approach leaves no marketing muscle untargeted.


This means we achieve sustained, organic and balanced growth that will see you secure new clients into the long term, rather than solely the immediate. Don’t think we haven’t got that competitive, steely edge, however, we love nothing more than to secure you better results, month on month. Progress is crucial to our personal trainer marketing agency.


Not only that, but a number of our team have a keen interest in fitness and nutrition, meaning that we have that added bonus of personal interest. Something that adds bag loads of enthusiasm to any project.

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We understand here at our agency, that there are few more motivated or dedicated to helping people as personal trainers are. This is why we work the way we do and with who we do.


So, if you’re like to find out more our personal trainer marketing agency, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850. We’d love to sit down with you, and discuss how we can achieve your marketing a new personal best.