Restaurant social media marketing


Restaurant social media marketing  

VerriBerri are a digital agency based in Maldon, Essex, specialising in restaurant social media marketing.


We provide social media for a range of businesses in the hospitality industry across the UK. Whether you are looking for your Instagram engagement to improve; are in need of increased enquiries; or simply need to make your visions for social media a reality. Our team can help you.


As a business owner, finding the time to spend on social media can be daunting, as in some ways it’s a never-ending task. We have a dedicated in-house team that will allocate time to your business each week, which is perfect when you don’t have any to spare.

VerriBerri restaurant marketing: how to attract new customers
Great food and drink PR and marketing can get you a Michelin star



We can promise you higher engagement, rises in following and the number of your enquiries to be increased, always working towards a return on investment and increased profitability for your brand. With extensive experience working within the hospitality industry we have tried and tested methods that we know will work for your social media platforms, promising an increase in bookings and in turn revenue for your restaurant.



We don’t just post simply to stay active on the channels. All of our social media posts will be working towards your end goals. Our restaurant social media marketing team at VerriBerri will constantly be brainstorming new ideas. With us you will benefit from a fresh look for your social media profiles.


We want to ensure you are keeping up to date with all the latest trends; keeping your audience engaged; and more likely to secure bookings for your venue. Not only will we keep your followers updated with new offers, menus and dishes that are available; but we will offer them support and advice when they reach your inbox. We will ensure that the customer experience from start to finish on social media is one to remember.




The importance of your brand to our social media restaurant marketing team, is just as considered as the importance of our own business. We see each and every one of our clients as partners.


You aren’t simply a project to us; we want to build your business with you and watch it become a success. We constantly strive for more. Communication levels will always be maintained. Every step we wish to make will be run past you or your team dependant on the level of involvement you want to have.


If you are looking for a restaurant social media marketing agency for your business, then we are the perfect fit. Click here to arrange a call or meeting with us today and we can learn more about you, what you want to achieve and how we can ensure you meet your social media goals. For more information call our office 01376 386850 today, we would love to speak with you.