Marketing for Bars

Marketing for Bars

Marketing for Bars

Marketing for Bars can be difficult. Bars are more fashionable now than ever before. You will find plenty of people saying they are more of a ‘bar’ person than a ‘club’ person. 

The success of reality TV shows like TOWIE and Made In Chelsea contribute to this new wave. One thing’s for sure, bars now represent an incredibly competitive industry.

With the rivalry between bars more intense than ever, it is essential to take advantage to get ahead. Your unique selling point must be promoted tastefully. There is no use marketing yourself as ‘savings galore’ because you will only come across as cheap.

Marketing for Bars

Marketing is pivotal for bars to get your name out there in the local area:

  • Social media marketing and campaigns are a fantastic method of expanding your presence quickly. Utilising the variety of channels on offer is essential, be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, each platform provides a different service that, when used correctly, wields great marketing power.
  • Search engine optimisation is another method that will help your bar gain greater exposure. Google is so often the first tool that people will visit to find a local bar, so it is integral that you rank ahead of the competition. Specialist blogging services are useful here to drive organic traffic.
  • Email marketing is another valuable service that can target the public directly. If handled and presented correctly, your bar is sure to receive greater recognition.

PR for Bars

It’s not all about marketing, PR is equally as important:

  • Having a PR team or PR office will give your bar far greater exposure than you could ever imagine. By having many contacts within the journalism industry, your PR team can promote your bar through both offline and online media.
  • It’s vital to protect your bar from bad press. Online reputation management protects your bar from damaging stories. It can also enhance yor reputation further.

With just a few examples; it is clear to see that marketing and PR is crucial. Our team at VerriBerri are qualified in marketing for Bars. We have worked in the industry for the last 11 years. 

Instagram can be an excellent method of marketing for bars. 

Instagram is the fastest growing social media channel and it has been for quite a few years now. With over 700 million users sharing well over 5 million photos daily, Instagram is a platform that must now be a key element of your marketing strategy in order to lift the profile of your business. 

For hospitality venues, like bars, Instagram is the ideal channel to utilise, as it allows you to showcase your bar, drinks and food to a stylish high standard. Classy bars fit in well with Instagram’s image of elegant aesthetics and high-end establishments.

Customers’ Interaction Through Instagram

Another interesting aspect to consider is that Instagram is a platform that is still only really used on mobile phones. Therefore, when customers are attending your bar, they themselves are likely to interact with Instagram, through uploading photos inside the bar, and this use of indirect marketing raises the profile of your bar again. The option of adding your location to shared images also enhances the exposure of your bar.

VerriBerri’s Instagram Expertise

Our team at VerriBerri have a wealth of experience using Instagram as a powerful marketing tool, which includes implementing a successful strategy. Here are just a few things that we are specialised in:

  • Types of photo – We know exactly what type of photo will be shareworthy. This covers not only pictures of your bar, or drinks you serve, but we can also promote events using your channels in innovative ways, rather than just uploading a picture of a flyer.
  • Contests – We are fully aware of what gets the public interested in your bar. We can setup and run interesting contests that will be of interest to your followers on Instagram.
  • Use of hashtags – As you know, hashtags are an appropriate method of searching for keywords. However too often hashtags are not implemented to their potential and keywords are used that will often go unnoticed. Our social media team however, are experienced in curating hashtags that are fascinating but also easy to find.

Instagram is one area that we have a great deal of knowhow of working with, because we don’t just manage it for the companies we work with, but we also run it ourselves to a very high standard. If you own a bar and are interested in our Instagram services, then contact us today!

We will stop at nothing to guarantee your bar receives the coverage it deserves. We’ll drink to that!