Marketing for boutiques

Marketing for boutiques in Essex and London

Marketing for boutiques

Marketing for boutiques. When you pick up any magazine or newspaper, you will see a mention of clothing. It could be a paid ad or a style segment. Long story short, fashion is always going to be in the mainstream media. Boutiques can use this to their advantage through PR.

Fashion and online PR

Online PR, when handled correctly, can be an effective way of getting your name out there. This is especially true when reputable, relevant publications are targeted. As above, a market already exists for fashion styles and concepts to be promoted in various PR channels. As a boutique you can rightly expect your store to receive a great deal of attention.

The difficulty with PR

Converting this interest into a PR article or excerpt is not easy to accomplish. When you consider that running your own boutique shop is difficult enough, when you add the stress and energy of managing your PR on top of that, it is almost impossible to balance it all.

There are many companies that offer online PR, however here are a few reasons why VerriBerri’s marketing for boutiques is better than the rest:

  • Extensive list of contacts. We have a huge database of journalist contacts throughout an array of industries that ensures your boutique is publicised to the max.
  • Online and offline. VerriBerri will strive to promote your fashion store both in print and in online articles.
  • Build hype around launch.  Many boutiques have not yet hit the high street and are instead building up to a launch date. VerriBerri guarantee that hysteria will surround your launch and attract a range of customers.

If you want your boutique to achieve even greater exposure, then marketing tools should also be considered.

Targeted marketing.

Marketing is ideal for boutiques, as it is a perfect opportunity to showcase your items or promote offers that your store may have.

We have previously blogged about which demographics boutiques tend to target and there are a wide range of tools which are designed to focus on this demographic. It is no secret that most people between the ages of 18-30 use social media. As such, it makes sense for your boutique to implement a social media strategy targeting this age range.

Different marketing tools.

Of course, marketing expands much further than social media. Other methods include email newsletters, website design, SEO and much more. Why take the risk of carrying out marketing strategies without professional assistance? Otherwise, greater costs may be incurred and work will not be streamlined, due to a lack of resources.

VerriBerri’s marketing for boutiques.

We have almost ten years of marketing experience and have worked with a host of clients in the boutique and fashion industry. More specifically, here is what sets our marketing apart from the rest:

  • Social media. We spend considerable time building your following. We do thi across a variety of channelsto increase exposure and engagement.
  • Blogging. Our team of copywriters have a wealth of experience curating blogs that are captivating and present your boutique in a positive light.
  • Graphic design. Our dedicated graphics designers can make your online posts more attractive and even completely redesign your boutique’s site to make it more user-friendly.

Marketing covers plenty of areas and when executed properly, it is a guarantee that your boutique will receive greater exposure. 

Social media is perhaps the primary marketing tool that firms now adopt in the 21st century. With the inexpensive and considerable reach, social media marketing is something that you simply can’t do without.

Is social media always appropriate?

Some businesses are better suited to social media. For example, Facebook and Twitter are more informal. This could be detrimental for solicitors but would work well if you are selling surfboards. Most businesses are in the perfect position to utilise social media and we think boutiques fit this category perfectly.

Perfect for boutiques. For most boutiques, finding common ground with local people is essential to entice customers to your store. Social media allows you to do this.

Various social media channels provide a perfect opportunity to showcase your latest offers, discounts or designs to the public, something that will benefit business.

The list of advantages from social media is on-going.

If you are inexperienced in social media then you may need assistance. Without this, you cannot realise the full effects of your marketing.

VerriBerri has managed social media channels for a number of years, including businesses in the fashion industry. There is so much we can do to ensure your social media marketing is a success:

  • Facebook. Your profile acts as a virtual storefront. This platform is highly informative. There’s also an opportunity to utilise Facebook marketplace.
  • Twitter. We ensure a connection is made.
  • Instagram. Your products will be beautifully showcased. Using fashion bloggers and influencers is also a fantastic way of getting the most from this platform.

Of course, there are also other platforms. When marketing for boutiques you can consider anything from in-store campaigns to YouTube and Pinterest. The most important thing is connecting with your customers. 

Building a rapport with customers and telling them a ‘story’ surrounding your brand is important. It allows them to identify with your boutique. Of course, this identification with a brand will therefore lead to more visitors to your store, which should naturally lead to more sales.

Sharing a story with consumers is difficult to achieve through mass-media approaches, so instead your boutique will need a personable method. With this in mind, blogging is essential! When curated alongside a complete marketing and PR strategy, it’s even more effective.

Blogging is vital for boutiques

You may be asking yourself why. VerriBerri carry out blogging services for a host of companies in an array of different industries, but here is why it is specifically important for boutiques:

  • It’s an opportunity to showcase your latest fashions and offers on your clothes.
  • Blogs give your boutique a more personable approach, so the public know they are communicating with a friendly face. This is particularly important to stand out amongst high street clothing chains.
  • Boutiques are popular amongst younger individuals, as is blogging. By combining the two it’s a perfect remedy to enhance your exposure.
  • Blogs are amazing for SEO, driving more visitors to buy from you. 

Impact on resources?

The benefits of blogging for boutiques are clear to see, however actually curating relevant content that increases your firm’s profile is another matter altogether, not to mention the strain it can have on time and employee resources. If you are therefore looking for expert bloggers to assist your boutique in an inexpensive and proficient manner then VerriBerri can help.

VerriBerri’s blogging service

The team at VerriBerri has a wealth of experience in all things blogging and our copywriters include university graduates, who can part with their skilled writing knowledge. From a technical point of view, blogging can also improve your SEO ranking considerably.

Unlike paid promotion, blogging can drive organic traffic to your website and VerriBerri can focus on optimum keywords and hyperlinks, that can drive this traffic further. This is an effective method of improving your exposure online.

Blogging is an underrated service that can be difficult to master.  Contact VerriBerri if you’d like all the benefits of marketing for boutiques. Just click here for a free marketing review