Marketing for caterers.

Marketing for caterers.

Marketing for caterers. VerriBerri are the perfect agency to work alongside your catering business, because we too work in the service industry. This means we understand the struggles you face and how we can help you overcome them. We are a personable company who utilise our expertise to grow your profile.

Why marketing is important for catering firms.

Realising the full extent of marketing and what it can do for your catering company is vital. Marketing is widely used as a self-promotional tool for businesses, where a variety of marketing channels can be explored. However successful marketing is difficult to achieve and must be handled appropriately.

It’s also worth pointing out that marketing is largely unused by the majority of catering firms. As such, there is an opportunity for you to get ahead of the competition. As marketing can be time-consuming, we can handle it for you to ensure a cost-effective and successful strategy.

Marketing for caterers 

Let us show you how VerriBerri can deliver fruitful marketing for caterers. :

  • We have a wealth of experience when it comes to curating all-encompassing marketing strategies; this includes managing various marketing tools to the highest standard. This involves everything from social media strategies and email marketing to blogging and SEO. All of these, can heighten your exposure to no end.
  • Even with an all-encompassing strategy, VerriBerri guarantee that our focus for each marketing component is meticulous. You can be sure that our work for each channel will be of the highest standard.
  • Concerning social media, we are incredibly experienced in managing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This of course includes use of hashtags, timing of posts and connecting with other accounts to enhance the channel’s exposure.
  • The concept of website design also falls under marketing. If you think your catering site could improve, then VerriBerri can ensure your virtual store front’ appeals to the masses.

Poor Feedback

When you operate in the service industry, you are susceptible to negative reviews. It is so often the case that it can be the customer’s problem rather than any fault on your part. Unfortunately, negative reviews or damaging opinions travel fast, which can be bad news for caterers.

Are review sites problematic?

It has been touched on that the negative connotations that can derive from review platforms such as Yell and, although these sites can act as a good promotion and a place where consumers will do a bit of research surrounding your catering company, it is an unreliable method to get your name out there. The main reason for this is because negative reviews on these sites are likely to be scrutinised and will go some way to put customers off your catering company.

We at VerriBerri believe many methods of marketing for caterers should be considered, in fact alongside marketing and online PR, it is a valuable tool to make you stand out from the crowd further. However, for a company within the catering industry, where negative reviews from fussy individuals can be rather common, your reputation must be protected at all costs.

VerriBerri’s online reputation management service

At VerriBerri online PR and marketing agency Essex, we have a great amount of experience handling the online reputationof many clients and as a catering firm, you can be safe in the knowledge that your credentials will be safeguarded at all times. More specifically, here is what our online reputation management service can do for you:

  • Efficient monitoring – We screen hundreds of web pages, including blogging sites and forums, looking for any content that slanders your catering business. We guarantee that you will be notified of any alerts.
  • Removing content – Anything that damages your catering brand, even as much as copyright infringement, we will strive to remove it from the web immediately and have a wealth of experience in crisis management.

As a catering business there is plenty you can do to get your name out there to enhance your profile. Both marketing and PR present effective methods, as mentioned before, however more practical approaches are just as applicable. Introducing a hands-on strategy and taking your catering business to consumers can lead to huge benefits.

Networking events

An important thing to mention here is that when we say events we are not talking about using specific events to grow your business because that is your everyday work. You can utilise exhibitions, pop ups, and specific networking events. These can be used as a tool to market your business.

The latter point of catering to specific networking events is an interesting concept. The reason being is that attending a networking event gives you an advantage over other guests as you can physically also cater at the event, therefore you have a perfect opportunity to showcase your catering qualities. Our team at VerriBerri can take all the pressure off you by setting up and organising this event, so all you need to focus on is the food.

VerriBerri helping your pop-up shop

Alongside exhibitions, we think pop ups are another perfect opportunity to grow your catering business. Here is how VerriBerri can help:

  • Attract individuals. VerriBerri won’t just make sure any old regular people attend your pop-up. We guarantee that influencers and bloggers will be present, so you know a good recommendation is likely.
  • Build hype. Before your pop-up shop is open, we will guarantee that your catering business will be talk of the town, by building hysteria around your opening.
  • Online PR. Our experience in online PR ensures that your pop-up shop will receive a great deal of attention in the local press. This will give your catering firm even greater attention.

Exhibitions or pop-up shops are a perfect way of marketing for caterers that is also a more creative approach. If you want assistance, then contact VerriBerri today, one of the top marketing and PR companies in London.

When it comes to enhancing your business’ exposure, nothing works better than online PR. Getting your name mentioned in reputable media outlets is a sure way of attracting attention to your business. Although it can be related to referrals, PR has a greater effect, as the referrals will always come from trusted sources.

PR for your catering company

You rarely see a catering business mentioned in the press, unless it is paid advertising. When implemented correctl; online PR is an invaluable tool for catering businesses. It can mean the difference between a potential client choosing your company over a competitors.

Expert help needed?

Blindly attempting to achieve online PR success is not easy.Considering your catering business involves a great deal of hard work creating menus, cooking food, travelling to events and liaising with customers; it’s unlikely you will have the time to carry out PR activities. For this reason, you may wish to look for an agency to carry out your PR tasks. We ensure that you are widely recognised.

VerriBerri’s assistance

If this is the case and your catering business is looking for a PR boost then look no further than VerriBerri. PR has been an integral component of our services for many years now and we love working with clients to get their name in various publications, not just in Essex but also throughout the UK. Simply put, we want to see your business prosper and nothing would make us happier than seeing your catering business receive the recognition it deserves.

Here is just a taster of how VerriBerri’s online PR Essex service can benefit your catering business:

  • Journalism contacts. Each media publication has a known contact that we are certain will listen to our PR offers. You can be sure your catering business will receive enhanced exposure from this.
  • Online and offline. – We strive to have your business published not just online, but in print too. This guarantees enhanced coverage.
  • Protect your reputation – Sometimes you can get a negative review, or a troubling opinion through no fault of your own. VerriBerri promise that these reviews will not tarnish your reputation in the press.

Marketing is an essential tool and our Essex PR agency handle marketing for caterers to the highest standard. Please contact us to find out more!