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Marketing for Children

Marketing for Children. Our kids are targeted constantly through an onslaught of children’s adverts and PR displayed through the television, Internet and even in school.

Over 16,000 advertisements are consumed yearly by children in the United States. Although our UK legislations are more restricted, this doesn’t mean that the youth of today is not as affected.

Seasonal advertising

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We know it’s practically illegal to say this, but Christmas is looming. If you are a parent, you’re sure to have already received a list or two to Santa. Are you off to buy more Disney’s Frozen 2 merchandise to the bursting toy box? Or a Lego board game to complement the collection that frequently shoots up the hoover during the daily, ahem…’clean’? 

Brands are now able to specifically pinpoint their audiencesa and in turn, convert you into an unsuspecting consumer.

Gone is the age of the ‘dial up connection’. No more waiting for mum to finish her natter with your nan so you could wait for the modem to connect. All for the want of an MSN/Hotmail instant message. 

Today’s kids have 4G and wireless Internet networks to transport them through IPhone and tablet swiping conquests. The world’s technology is ever-growing and therefore we have no choice but to embrace and evolve with it. 

Even our Grandparents are using Facebook. Research suggests that more that 50% of over 60’s are using social media on a daily basis.

With all this in mind, it’s essential that you focus your children’s marketing and PR plan where it should be, which is online. But sadly, it’s not exactly simple in an innovative market where the stakes are high and the competition spirited. So how do you stand out in the deeply saturated children’s PR sector?

At VerriBerri we are experts in marketing for children. We will create a strategy tailored specifically to you and your product whilst strictly adhering to legislations.

With Christmas just around the corner, marketing campaigns around the world are stepping up to advertise the ‘must-have’ products for the festive period. Marketing for children is a minefield of regulations, ethics and technique that must be considered if your product is to be a hit.

Children’s PR and Marketing is a lucrative tool that when used correctly can have fantastic results.

One of the key rules to remember when marketing a product or service for children is to consider marketing the product to the person with the buying power. (i.e. the parent) more than you are having to market the product at the recipient (the child). A multi-channel marketing campaign is the best way to achieve this. 

For example. Running a campaign during the adverts of Peppa Pig is likely to appeal to the intended recipient of the toy. A print campaign on the wall of a train station is a method you can appeal to mum or dad.

The world of children’s toys and games is heavily saturated and successful – Hamley’s hasn’t been open for over 250 years by chance! 

Breaking into this field requires a targeted approach that encompasses a different idea, train of thought, concept or style that consumers find interesting. Find a successful niche and you may well be on the way to success.

This being said, it is important not to overcomplicate your marketing strategy – simplicity can work in your favour and an open and transparent approach might just be that defining feature that makes it your product that is under the tree this year.

Marketing for Children

Here at VerriBerri, we are highly experienced in marketing for children. Our expert team have valuable contacts within the industry and have experience in Kids PR. So, if you want to make sure it’s your item wrapped up under the tree this year, then please get in contact with our friendly and professional team here.