Marketing for jewellery brands.

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Marketing for jewellery brands.

Marketing for jewellery brands. 

If you own or run a brand which makes engagement rings, you may have struggled to market yourself effectively. With every year that passes the jewellery market becomes more saturated. In January 2020, the industry was estimated to be worth US$4336m globally. 

There are numerous methods that will increase your brand recognition; but now more than ever before, you need to promote yourself in the right way. After all, no matter how beautiful your jewellery is, if it is poorly promoted, then nobody will buy it.

How can I promote my jewellery brand? 

You need to ask yourself who your target audience are, consider marketing funnels, and define your USP.  To make life somewhat easier we have broken these three points down below. 

Who are your target audience?

Marketing for jewellery brands can be difficult because it’s an industry with an extremely diverse target audience. A good starting point is to determine if your products are something that will be purchased as a gift, or as something someone wants to keep themselves. Generally speaking; jewellery of very low value will almost always be purchased for personal use. Very few consumers will gift these items. However, items of high value are often bought as gifts, but equally, a fair amount of people buy them for personal use. 

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Once you establish the thinking behind the purchase you will be able to consider who will be buying them and the thought process behind the purchase. If you are selling an item that will be bought for emotional reasons, such as an eternity or engagement ring; you will need an entirely different marketing strategy to selling another item, even if they are of exactly the same financial value. 

Are your items priced appropriately within the target market? If you are hoping tween girls will buy your items, you need to link this with a pocket money strategy. Similarly, a necklace worth £1,000 probably won’t have a large customer base if it features unicorns. 

Once you know who your target audience are; where do they spend their time? 

What do they read or watch? Who do they admire? Once you establish this, your marketing for jewellery brands becomes a lot simpler. 

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You need to understand the people you are trying to attract in order to find a way to: Firstly, place your product in front of them so they see it. Secondly, make it appealing, so they want to buy it. 

When selling jewellery, nine times out of ten you can be emotional. It’s an item which is entrenched in significance. When you see someone wearing a piece, there’s a good chance there is some element of emotion or sentiment. 

Within the time you spend establishing your target audience take a look at your competitors. Social media is great for this, if you can see who is following them, you will be able to work out who likes the brand; and is therefore a potential customer. 

Think about timings. Statistically, almost 25% of high-end jewellery purchases take place in November and December. Don’t spend your entire budget in the summer. 

Consider your marketing funnels. 

There are multiple ways you can market your brand. Below we have identified our favourite two. However, we do believe that they are the most important methods. 

Social Media

When you are selling jewellery, social media marketing is invaluable. You are selling a product, which immediately means you can use visuals in the marketing campaign. Furthermore, the chances are that the item you are selling is visually appealing. 

Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook are the best social media platforms for you to use when marketing for jewellery brands. All three are highly visual, predominantly used by women, and reach a wide audience. 

You can spearhead your social media campaign by utilising paid ads too. This allows you to be extremely specific in your marketing.  You can target the right people at the right time. 

You can also use social media to collaborate with influencers. This is particularly effective if you are using Instagram. 

Influencer marketing will help your brand to reach the masses. People look to influencers as modern day icons, so they will be quite literally influenced to buy what they are wearing. You can collaborate with bloggers, influencers, and celebrities relatively easily. Jewellery is something that people are cautious about when buying online so a collaboration will earn you valuable trust. Remember, almost a quarter of the jewellery market is made up of customers under 35 years old. 

Public relations. 

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Using a PR agency is invaluable. I know it may look like we would say that, but you really can’t pay enough for this kind of publicity. If you want to get your jewellery brand into the national magazines, newspapers, and wish lists; PR is exactly what you need to be investing in. Again, under 35’s are avid media consumers, so this perfectly hits your target audience. 

Don’t know what PR is? Click here to find out more. 

These are just two of the marketing strategies we would suggest using when marketing for jewellery brands. However, there are so many more options. Feel free to click here and contact us for more ideas.  

Define your USP. 

What makes you different? Do you provide a particular concept that no one else can? Perhaps every aspect of your business is waste free and eco-friendly? Whatever you do, why do you do it better than everyone else? 

One thing we can guarantee you have is a story. Why did you start your jewellery business? What is your driving force? How do you stay passionate? These are things that every single person who runs their own business can talk about. 

You need a USP to not only accurately convey what your business offers, but to emotionally involve your brand and a potential customer. Talking of which, does your USP fit the picture of your target audience? In an ideal world you will be able to create a link between the two which organically form a bond.

We hope this beginners guide has helped to spark your imagination. There are so many amazing ways you can increase your customer base and exposure. If you need help just click here to get in touch. We have extremely competitive prices, guaranteed results and a wealth of experience.