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Who are we?

VerriBerri is an established PR and marketing agency who formed in 2009. We offer on and offline media services, ensuring your business has a good reputation with both the public and other companies. This organically helps your brand grow, allowing it to reach its full potential.  

The importance of a spas reputation

Reputation is crucial when it comes to any business. However, spas have a higher pressure level as it is a luxury service. People always have expectations for these kinds of brands. If someone doesn’t feel the service meets their expectations, they will complain either online or by word of mouth. Reputation is vital in order to succeed. It can of course be damaged with bad reviews.

As we know, business doesn’t always run as smoothly as we want. All it takes is for the steam room to stop working and people react negatively. These situations usually cause customers to feel disappointed leading them to pass their frustration to others via online or verbally. Although these setbacks are out of your hands. Your PR is in your control and you can win those clients back avoiding unfair reviews. Causing your business to maintain its luxury status.

Top Three platforms for Spa marketing:



TripAdvisor is a well known hospitality and wellness platform, which is used by people worldwide. It can be used on computers and mobiles alike, allowing people to find up to date reviews while they’re on the go. As a result of TripAdvisor’s accessibility, they have an average of 490 million viewers a month. 

On this platform, people usually post pictures and write reviews on their experiences at hotels, restaurants and spas. This allows future customers to read an honest overview of an establishment and can make or break their decision to try somewhere new. TripAdvisor also compares price. This helps potential clientele find the right experience for them, whether they pick that by price or review. It also allows companies to post and update content when they please. This allows you to be in full control of how your company is perceived. 

TripAdvisor is a great platform for marketing your spa. It allows your company to reach a huge audience which doesn’t just get your name out there. It also generates sales. There is a link to book a room on your company’s overview. This gives your clients that little push to book with you. This is why the photos and reviews on your page need to be strong and positive. Your spa will sell itself with regularly updated information.


Facebook is the leading social media platform with the most users to date. The site / app is available globally and has an average of 745 million users daily. Facebook also has a feed where you can see your friends statuses. You can attach photos and even tag your location. Facebook is mainly used for people to stay in contact. On Facebook you can message people and audio or video call free of charge. You can also set up group chats where you can have group messages or calls.

Facebook is a strong platform for your spa marketing. This is because it has a diverse age range meaning your spa will be seen by a wide range of target audiences. Facebook doesn’t just allow people to stay connected from all parts of the world, but it also allows your business to grow. It does this by allowing you to create business pages. This means you can add photos of your spa, write a status about any upcoming events or deals, tag your website and customers can leave honest feedback about their experiences. Furthermore, people can ‘check in’ when they visit your location. If people like your page, they will be notified when you post a photo or status. This tempts them into using your facilities, which organically results in bookings. 


Instagram is a social platform used for sharing photos with your friends or to the public. It is also available as an app or online. As a result of the platform being so popular, there are 700 million active users worldwide.         

Instagram is a social media platform created to share photos. Not only can you share images on your grid but but you can also post daily highlights. Instagram allows you to add fun filters, songs, polls and many more to your daily stories. This makes it highly interactive for your followers. 


Instagram is a great method of marketing for spas. This is because Instagram has a business setting helping businesses increase their company awareness . This allows you to tag your website and it also connects your Instagram to your Facebook page. This helps people who are interested in your profile find out more information about your services and will hopefully lead them to booking with you.  The business setting also enables you to see insights to how your profile is growing and the audience it is currently capturing. 

Another reason Instagram is good for spa marketing is it is heavily used by social influencers. Companies will usually pay influencers to show fans products or services along with tagging their Instagram handle. You can contact a social influencer who is local to your area, offering them a free night stay and use of your spa facilities if they tag your page. This is a really good marketing medium as it creates brand awareness and helps increase the number of people following your page. The more followers you have, the more potential clients you can win over, resulting in a steady flow of booking’s.  

Why you should work with VerrBerri for your Spa Marketing 

Here at VerriBerri no task is too big or small. Our team is always pushing to go above and beyond giving our clients the best PR and Marketing results possible. We are proud to have a driven, fun, and motivated team. All of our team are passionate about what they do, and are determined to smash your targets. Not only do we have a strong portfolio demonstrating our consistent high quality work. We have also won a variety of different awards, from ‘best marketing agency’ to ’employer of the year.’

With a creative team onboard, we produce a constant flow of fabulous ideas for your spa. Not only does this help your business to stay ahead of the competition, it also means that if there are any bumps on the road to success, our skilful team will use their experience and innovation to overcome any of those hurdles.

What makes VerriBerri special is that we care about our client’s businesses and we are driven to help them reach their full potential. In business trust is vital as you’re putting your company’s future into our nurturing hands. VerriBerris values transparency. We would rather earn your trust and respect than your money. That is what makes us different from other PR and Marketing agencies. From day one we will always keep you in the loup with complete honesty allowing you to still feel in control of your pride and joy.

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