Marketing For Sportswear Brands

Marketing For Sportswear Brands

Maximising Marketing For Sportswear Brands

Sportswear is among the most marketable forms of branding out there. New, innovative sportswear technology is wheeled out faster than you can say “Nike Vaporfly Shoe Ban!”. It’s an industry which is virtually immune to market fluctuations, because people will always want to play sport, and people will always want to stay fit. This presents both an opportunity and a challenge when it comes to marketing. The positive is that, as we’ve said, there’ll always be a market in which to market! The negative is that it’s all too easy to sink down into a quagmire of mediocrity; along with the thousands of other sportswear brands out there. The team here at VerriBerri, specialists in marketing for sportswear brands, have donned their sweatbands and laced up their shoes, ready to hit the blogging road and explain why it’s crucial to get your marketing right.

It’s Sink Or Swim (In A Fancy Pair Of Speedos)

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It’s a cutthroat world, which in itself is a cliché, but like the best clichés, they’re often true. The business world is an unrelenting one, whichever industry you’re in, but especially one as competitive as the sportswear sector. You simply haven’t got the same time to find your feet as a small business or SME. That’s why you should be enlisting the help of experts in marketing for sportswear brands, not ‘at some point’, but from the outset. Factor it into your business model and plan, because without a bit of a help; the chances are you’ll suffer a false start.

The number of ways in which you can market your sportswear brand is staggering. The nuance and expertise that each one of said methods requires is even more so. If you’re targeted from the start, and set in place a clear strategy, you give yourself a fighting chance. Make no bones about it, it’s still not a guarantee of success; but you’ll be a damn sight more likely to kick on with a marketing agency by your side.

People Remember The Gold Medallist

As a business owner, you should be aspiring for the very best results. Let’s be frank here, you’re not entering the world of selling sportswear just to be a two-bit player within the industry. You want to be the player within the industry. Business is as much about mind-set as it is anything else, as a marketing agency, this is something we quickly learnt We’ve seen clients come and go, rise, fall and then rise again. Our most successful clients have always been the ones who wholeheartedly believe in their product or service. Those who have no shadow of a doubt that they’ll be successful.

The reason? You can market confidence. As a sportswear brand, you can distil that brazen swagger into your campaigns and your strategies. If your idea is your sprint, then your marketing is your marathon. Another reason that unshakeable confidence is necessary it to overcome fatigue, and to endure highs and lows. Especially if you’re a sportswear brand starting out, it will take time to build brand recognition and to start achieving the real kinds of success you’re after. This can be demoralising, at times, and if you’re not prepared to just keep on going with it, then you’re not going to last in the industry. So, you’ve read this and concluded that you’ve got the get-go to warrant using specialists in marketing for sportswear brands. What next?

What Will A Marketing Agency Do?

Confidence is one thing, skillset is another. The best athletes are the ones who bring their confidence, dedication and skillset into one complete package. Unless you’re an exceptionally rare breed of business, you probably won’t have access to the marketing knowledge necessary to thrive as a brand. What marketing works best for sportswear, then? Social media marketing is a solid start.

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The visual leanings of platforms such as Instagram make them perfect for displaying products, especially items of clothing. The short, sharp featured videos and snippets you can curate for your social media channels are exactly the energetic pieces of content you need for a sportswear brand. It encourages an infectious kind of enthusiasm and gets people on side with your brand and what it stands for – positivity, empowerment and progress. A marketing agency has its own expert team of social media content creators and managers, a team who know what to post, when to post and how to get the best out of the ever-changing social media algorithms.

The fitness industry is another one of those industries that has a surprising number of geeky anoraks amidst their ranks; diehard sporting enthusiasts who love nothing more than to sit down with a copy of Runner’s Worldor Men’s Health. The point of this rambling diatribe? I’m not all that sure – Oh! That was it, magazines, the fitness industry has lots of them. An agency offering marketing for sportswear brands will also offer PR, more often than not. The job of a PR team is, amongst other things, to secure your brand coverage in leading publications (such as the aforementioned magazines). If you can land your brand an article in one of these publications, then it’ll prove a big deal for your brand. Something along the lines of ‘Top 5 New Sportswear Brands To Watch Out For’ or similar.

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As a new brand starting out, it can often feel like you’re thrown into the deep end without knowing how to swim. An agency can teach you, and throw you in some free armbands whilst they’re at it.

In today’s saturated business world, it’s imperative you make sure your sportswear brand hits the ground running with the right marketing. So, if you’d like to find out more about our services offering marketing for sportswear brands, then get in touch! Call VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850, or click here to get in touch.