Marketing for wedding venues.

marketing and PR for wedding venues

Marketing for wedding venues.

As a wedding venue owner, you must position yourself in the forefront of the public’s mind. With weddings a once in a lifetime opportunity; people will take an incredibly long time comparing venues and critiquing every aspect. Of course, there’s a lot you can do to make sure your establishment is up to scratch; however, you may have to take extra measures to ensure you stand out from the crowd. This is where marketing for wedding venues comes in.

Marketing is Essential.

When differences between competitors can be so slight, marketing is the only viable route you can take to guarantee that your venue receives the attention it deserves. However, implementing marketing tools are not always simple. If you do not have the required know how this can negatively impact your costs, as well as your reputation.

So why leave it to chance? If you want increased promotion to benefit your wedding venue, then look no further than marketing for wedding venues. We have eleven years of expertise when it comes to marketing and public relations. Our services have been lent to hospitality establishments on many occasions.

How marketing for wedding venues can benefit you. 

At this point you’re probably wondering what services we can offer. Although VerriBerri provide a range of marketing tools, here are some strategies that we see best fit:

  • Social media – Our bespoke campaigns will make your wedding venue highly recognised on all social media platforms. In a world where social media strategies are everything, we guarantee that your strategy will stand out.
  • Website design – Having a website is only half of it. Our team (featuring our dedicated graphics designer) go above and beyond to make sure your website is as captivating as your venue.
  • Online reputation management – Your credentials will be compared to many other local venues, therefore it’s important for VerriBerri to protect and enhance your reputation online.

There’s no two ways about it: social media is an essential component of marketing. It’s a mainly free service the majority of the UK population uses. A strategy that cannot be missed.

The hidden benefit of social media

We could advocate the need to introduce a social media strategy to most businesses, however for wedding venues we think it is a necessity. Social media is not just a great tactic to enhance exposure, but it also boosts your online presence across the web. By having additional social platforms online it means that your wedding venue has a broader reach. This also means that your venue will rank highly on Google.

VerriBerri’s use of social media

At VerriBerri marketing agency Essex we have a dedicated team that specialise in social media marketing through a variety of platforms. We are careful in our planning of social media strategies, this involves creating content calendars, utilising hashtags and optimising timing of social media posts to guarantee maximum exposure.

VerriBerri marketing agency Essex’s specific utilisation of channels

Looking at specific channels now, here is how VerriBerri can best utilise each platform to enhance the exposure of your wedding venue:

  • Twitter – This is the perfect site to engage with your local community and build a following that is loyal. It’s best to use a chatty approach to bring a ‘friendly touch’ to your venue.
  • Facebook – Providing a more informative but interesting approach is essential here, but it is also necessary to use more interactive features on Facebook, such as images or videos. VerriBerri ensure your Facebook page acts as a virtual wedding venue ‘store front’.
  • Instagram – For wedding venues, having an online photo gallery, while also interacting with the public is vital. Here VerriBerri will showcase your venue, to guarantee that your establishment is presented beautifully.

Wedding venues are of course an essential element of a wedding day. So get in touch with our marketing for wedding venues agency, to see how our social media strategies can give your establishment greater attention.