Marketing in the UK: Key Differences to Look Out For

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Marketing in the UK: Key Differences to Look Out For

Marketing in the UK is a process that almost every successful British brand has had to experience. In fact, you’d be hard pushed to find any company that hasn’t marketed in one way or another before. In comparison, think of marketing as a more subtle version of advertising. It aims to build more of a relationship between a business and their audience whilst still boasting the same end goal as advertising does. In our opinion, any company not investing in their strategy is holding themselves back.

Based in Essex, marketing in the UK is what we specialise in here at VerriBerri. We know all there is to know about British consumer behaviour. What’s more, we also have extensive experience dealing with brands globally. This means not only are we experts in UK marketing but also, the global landscape too. Having worked with hundreds of clients across the last 12 years, there isn’t any sector we don’t know like the backs of our hands. No matter which industry you operate in or your geographical location, we’re ready and waiting. 

The Key Differences Between UK and US Markets 

Naturally, the approach you take with your marketing strategy is going to differ depending on who youmrketing’re trying to reach. The financial terrain and consumer culture is something that massively affects purchasing behaviour. Of course, these are two attributes that change drastically from country to country. So that you can get a better idea of your customers, here are some of the key differences you need to know about:

Financial Terrain

Although it may seem crazy, you’d be surprised how often clients forget about assessing consumer finances. Realistically, if someone doesn’t have money to spend on your product, they just won’t. Therefore, you need to be aware of different trends so you can market yourselves at the right time. Just because the UK may be in a recession, doesn’t mean the rest of the world is and so on. 

Internet Usage


Of course, the UK market is significantly different from others, for example Americans spend more time online than us. An entire hour, in fact. It’s reported that Americans spend a total of 5hrs13mins on the internet each day. 

Surprisingly, the UK had a slightly higher percentage when it comes to mobile search. Sitting at 64%, the number of UK searches carried out on a mobile device is 4% higher than in the US. Definitely something to bear in mind when it comes to constructing your strategy.

Environmental Consciousness

When it comes to marketing in the UK, our stance on the environment is something that needs to be carefully considered. Statistics show that the British public are far more environmentally conscious than Americans. This means that promoting your efforts to be more eco-friendly is something that is welcomed. Meanwhile, brands selling to an American audience may not need to put a heavy focus on this area, although this should of course still be recognised. 

Where to Start…

As an agency specialising in marketing in the UK, we know how daunting the process can be. Investing time and money into a new project can be risky. Therefore, you want to be sure you’re doing everything right. In order to ensure you have the best possible return, it’s always advised that you bring in a team of specialists to help. To give you a better idea of what we do, allow us to shed some light on our services.

Graphic Design

Essex logo design. Marketing Agency for Small Businesses

Branding isn’t just about your logo. It’s about building an entire identity for your brand. Unless done properly, the success of your business hangs in the balance. By getting your branding spot on, this will help make your company more recognisable to your audience. The more people who are aware of your existence, the bigger your business will grow. 

In addition to branding, our graphic design team also specialise in many other areas. For instance, we would be delighted in helping you create visuals for your social platforms. Furthermore, we can help by designing and creating business cards for your brand, alongside leaflets and brochures.

Website Design and SEO

Given the current climate, websites have become a lifeline for many businesses. Without them, many companies would have been left with little to no income during the pandemic. Despite their importance, many people fail to input time into improving them. The truth is, if your site is hard to navigate, people will click off. Not only will this reduce your sales, but it will also damage your SEO too. With the help of a fresh pair of eyes, we can help bring your website to life. 

Of course, the discoverability of your website is also crucial. It’s all very well having one, but if nobody can find it, it’s pointless it being there. SEO is the process that aims to improve a websites functionality which in turn boosts its ranking. The higher you are positioned on the SERP, the more organic site traffic you will gain. 

Social Media Management

Social media is something everyone has used more and more recently. Therefore, by choosing the right platform(s), you’re opening yourself up to a lot of exposure. If you can keep your content interesting, this will go a long way in solidifying your reputation. What’s more, social media, when carried out properly, can help boost customer loyalty and your SEO value. Not to mention the part it plays in modern day customer service. 

Public Relations

Public relations is a broad topic and one that varies drastically from company to company. The most traditional form of PR is media relations. Further than this however, digital PR can take the form of appearances on TV, radio or podcasts and also, influencer marketing. 

The route you go down depends entirely on who your audience are. On the whole, PR is a way of utilising the sources around us to build a natural connection and increased brand recognition with your audience. 

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