Marketing Strategy Agency in Essex: Building a Reputable Brand

Marketing Agency Essex

Marketing Strategy Agency in Essex: Building a Reputable Brand

As a marketing strategy agency in Essex, we know that becoming a reputable brand is a priority for every business. Afterall, if your customers don’t trust you, you are not going to get very far. Psychology says that humans make judgements within the first few seconds of interacting with a new individual or brand. With only 7 seconds to make a first impression, the clock is ticking. 

Working in marketing means building the foundations of a trustworthy image for our clients. This is something we have over a decade of experience in. We use various techniques dependent on your sector, to shine a light on your brand. Each day, we are tasked with creating and implementing completely bespoke marketing strategies, putting your needs at the forefront of everything we do. Our efforts increase brand loyalty, skyrocket profits and encourage growth. 

VerriBerri is an integrated and multi-skilled marketing firm. This means that we can aid you with every aspect of your strategy. The solutions we currently provide include:

  • Social Media Management 
  • Public Relations (PR)
  • Crisis Management
  • Influencer Marketing 
  • International Communications
  • Event Management
  • Branding
  • Website Development
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEO & PPC)

Before We Dive Right In

Before we dive straight into how we can add value to your company, let us start by exploring the ways you can become more reputable. It is important you recognise these factors if you are going to implement an efficient strategy. 

Being Transparent

One of the most important traits for your company to adopt is transparency. As a marketing strategy agency in Essex, this is something we feel very passionate about. Not only do you need to be open with your workforce, but also your customers too. 

Being transparent means admitting when you make errors in your judgement. A trustworthy brand doesn’t try to hide from their mistakes. Instead, they are upfront. Moreover, transparency means being open about every aspect of your business, where appropriate. This includes sharing certain information regarding performance, your corporate social responsibility and internal processes. 

Now, we are not saying to go and shout from the roof tops what you take home each month. In fact, this would probably have the adverse effect. However, being honest is never a bad thing. At VerriBerri, our integrity has been vital in forming strong relationships with our clients.  

Having a Consistent Brand Voice

No matter whether you are trying to appeal to a B2B or B2C market, everyone likes to feel connected. Even some of the most professional companies should still be taking a friendly and personal approach. This helps you to be more relatable and to generate loyalty and trust. Keeping your tone consistent throughout all your marketing will also help you to remain recognisable. 

In addition to the above, a friendly and transparent persona can help when it comes to crisis management. Should you find yourselves in hot water, humanising your brand allows you to appeal to your audience’s better nature. It may not fix the problem straight away, but it will certainly help.  


Asking your customers to leave reviews is something that many brands shy away from. This is usually out of fear that you will seem too pushy or annoying. Meanwhile, businesses who are willing to ask are reaping the benefits every day. Asking your customers to leave feedback on your service helps prospective customers to feel more confident in your ability. All in all, this helps build your credibility and drives sales. 

Including testimonials on your website can be a great way to become more reputable too. To read what other businesses think of our marketing strategy agency in Essex, click here!

Engaging and Interacting 

Lastly, you need to dedicating time to engaging and interacting with your customers. Social media should be a place for conversation. It is important you are getting your followers involved and responding to their questions. This will aid you in generating a sense of community. From here, customer retention is far more likely. 

The same goes for reviews. Whether these are on TrustPilot or Google, it is important you respond to these too. Thank those who praise you and offer support to those who do not. How you react to negativity and adversity says a lot about your brands character. 

Why Choose VerriBerri?

One of our proudest achievements is the many accolades we have been awarded through the years. These range from ‘Businesswomen of the year’ to ‘Best Marketing & PR Agency’ for 2020 and 2021. As a growing agency and one of the biggest in the South East, we hope to keep this long list of awards growing. 

At VerriBerri, we are invested in achieving the highest possible ROI for all of our clients. Afterall, this is the reason you employee marketing solutions in the first place. Although London firms are still charging through the roof for their assistance, we promise affordability without a dip in quality. When you work with us, you get to steer well clear of the hefty city price-tags.

Lastly, we never let our clients go dissatisfied with our service. It is for this reason that we implement monthly reporting and utilise email, WhatsApp and other tools such as Trello, wherever possible. This allows us to keep communication fluid so that we all remain on the same page. Further, with PR being an unpredictable terrain to traverse, we decided to add a guarantee on all of our leads. This way, you can be rest assured that you won’t miss out if opportunities are dropped by journalists. We are also the only PR agency to offer this!

Contact Our Marketing Strategy Agency in Essex

If you are after a marketing strategy agency in Essex with a proven track record and a wealth of knowledge, why not get in touch? We love working alongside likeminded brands and helping them grow as we do too. For more in-depth information on our services, you can reach the team by calling 01376 386 850. Alternatively, click here!