Marketing strategy in Essex

Marketing Strategy in Essex

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We understand the importance of working within your budget. As such, our strategy team work with a variety of clients, from conglomerates to start ups; ensuring any strategy we create takes into consideration the brands goals, financial, scope, audience, and timescales.

Creating a marketing strategy requires knowledge of the industry in addition to a solid background in marketing itself. As a marketing strategy team of 18, we cover a wide variety of backgrounds so have experience in most sectors.

Overall, our aim is simple. We want your bran d to have a solid return on investment. As such, we commit to creating a strategy which provides your brand with achievable, yet impressive, goals. Alongside this our strategy is clear, considered, and fits your brand guidelines.

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We are a multi award winning agency!

Here we identify the four main type of marketing strategies. Your bespoke plan can utilise just one, or all four of the below.

Cause Marketing

This links a brand and its products or services to a social cause.

Scarcity Marketing

This creates the perception of the product or service as being in demand, so thereby more desirable and harder to obtain.

Relationship Marketing

This focuses on customer retention and relationships, increasing brand loyalty.

Undercover Marketing

This is marketing to consumers in a manner that means they do not realise they are being marketed too.

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