Marketing using Podcasts

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Marketing using Podcasts

Marketing using Podcasts 

When you consider all of the marketing tactics you can use to promote your brand, the chances are that podcasting probably isn’t top of your list. Until recently; running a podcast was believed to be a hobby for Internet nerds to talk about Star Wars and conspiracy theories. However, gone are the days where podcasts were basement set-ups and cheap equipment. In 2020, podcasting is a big business – and a great tool for brands to connect with new audiences and drive sales to their products. 

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At the beginning of this year; it was reported that there were 700,000 active podcasts spanning 29 million episodes over 100 languages. Out of the many podcasts available to listeners currently; the most popular podcasting genres were business, comedy, health, and news; as well as society and culture. 

When it comes to listener demographics, it is not surprising that the vast majority of podcast listeners are between the ages of 18 and 44. People who also listen to podcasts are 45% more likely to be degree or higher educated and be classed as a ‘high earner’. 

Therefore, if your brand’s target audience falls into the category of an average podcast listener; then the benefits of starting one are endless. To find out exactly why you should be marketing through podcasting and how you can start one, read our marketing team’s tips below: 

Why should you be marketing using podcasts?

Podcasts are a great way to communicate with an audience in their spare time – even when they are away from social media. Whether they’re listening while travelling or working out in the gym, your audience can listen to you and fully immerse themselves in what you have to say. It’s important to remember that most people have access to podcasts – especially within the ‘millennial’ demographic. After all, podcasts can be accessed through a smartphone, tablet or a PC, making it the ultimate tool for marketing. 

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Setting up your own podcast can also compliment your other marketing strategies. For example, you may have written a blog about a certain topic and want to expand on your points. Instead of writing another blog post about the same topic, a podcast episode can help get your point across and explain something that is complicated or nuanced.

 While blogging is still essential for ensuring your website has an excellent SEO ranking, podcasting allows different audiences, who learn in a variety of ways, to learn more about you and your brand. It also allows for people to engage with you in the format that they find most appealing and suits the individual’s personality and learning style. Furthermore, podcasting is a less saturated market than YouTube or open blog channels. 

How do I use a podcast to promote my business? 

If you want to promote your business through a podcast, here are three popular routes you can go down. The first one is setting up your own podcast through a streaming website. You can also apply to be a guest on a podcast that is already established. Finally, you can use your product or service to sponsor a popular podcast. This is something podcast owners have recently become aware of and will often have payment options in place for this kind of advertising. 

Here at Verriberri, we would normally suggest the first two options. After all, if you are either a podcast guest or running your own podcast, you are placing yourself as an expert in the industry that you work in. 

How can I promote my podcast channel? 

If you decide that running your own channel is the way forward for you, then you naturally need to look at advertising that channel too. While you may have a good understanding of video and text content, podcasting is a completely different world that can leave you feeling confused.

You don’t wait for people to find your podcast! Why not be proactive in casting your net far and wide. Below are some things that you can do to encourage your brand’s visibility:

  1. Distribute your podcast to mainstream channels. It’s important to submit your podcast to distribution channels, like iTunes and Spotify. Distribution channelshelp toraise awareness of your podcast by allowing people tosearch the directory and choose you from a list. If your podcast is new, make sure you create a few episodes first. Furthermore, ensure you have artwork and tags before you go wild. 

  2. Incorporate your current social media channels into your strategy.If you already have a fan base online, make sure you tell them what you are doing and how they can find you. It’s important to always put a link in your biography so people can easily find you. Utilising LinkedIn will also allow you to uploada media link, which in many ways makes it the best platform for promotion.  

  3. Invite professional guests on your podcast. As we touched on above, people will either set up their own podcast, or they will go onto someone else’s as a guest in order to self promote. In doing this, they will also be telling their audience that you are hosting them, which will drive completely new traffic to your channel. 
  1. Cross-promote similar podcasts to yours. In a similar vein to the above, you can cross-pollinate your audience withother podcasts and influencers. If you find someone else with a similar following to you, or who would benefit from your input, ask them if you can be a guest on their show. You will then be able to share audiences, and both benefit from the set up. 

  2. Try a PR strategy.Public relations is an excellent way to carry out marketing for podcasts. Why not contact industry specific publications, or even your local newspaper for free publicity. However, these can be difficult to secure so get in touch with usif you need it. 

  3. Reddit is an excellent forum to find listeners. There is a subreddit for almost anything, so you’ll quickly find a relevant, friendly, audience. Don’t go in with a sales pitch though. The Reddit community will sniff this out a mile away and you’ll lose all respect. 

What now? 

If you haven’t already, set up your channel and make sure all your branding accurately reflects your brand. If you are podcasting for a business, don’t rebrand for this job. Keep your current branding and carry it over. This is best practice for brand continuity and should be adhered to at all times. 

Once you start recording, don’t come up with a script. You will sound stilted and unnatural. Bullet points to work from and keep you on track are usually the best way forward. 

If you need any more information about how we can help you with your marketing using podcasts, look no longer! We would love to hear from you. You can either call, Skype, Zoom or have a meeting with us. Either fill in our contact form or call us for more information.