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Men’s Fashion Marketing Agency

Why You Should Utilise Men’s Fashion Marketing Agency

When it comes to fashion, women are the dominant consumer. As a result, brands have invested lots of money and resources into understanding the needs of women’s clothing. On the other hand, the menswear market has been on the backseat for a long time. That is until now! In recent years, the male mindset has switched. Men are more inclined to desire stylish clothing and to look good. Therefore, the demand for fashionable clothing for men has increased.

With fashion brands looking to explore this neglected market, the men’s clothing market is now worth £15bn. In fact, menswear is currently outperforming the womenswear market when it comes to value. As this innovative industry continues to grow, businesses should enlist the services of a men’s fashion marketing agency to help your brand standout from competitors. 

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Finding the right men’s fashion marketing agency for your brand can be difficult. You want to ensure the marketing agency you choose understands your target audience – as well as having expert knowledge of marketing methods. Here at VerriBerri, we are a specialist men’s fashion marketing agency based in the Essex. We have a team of expert copywriters, social media managers, graphic designers and PR executives to grow your brand. 

Find out how our men’s fashion marketing services can benefit your brand below:  

SEO for E-Commerce Websites

Street wear and affordable tailoring were only just the catalyst for menswear. As more men’s clothing brands emerge onto the market, you don’t want your brand getting lost in the crowd. Especially due to the fickle nature of search engine listings! One day you could be on the top spot on Google and the next day, you’re sitting on page 100. This is the painful truth of Google algorithm changes. However, you can enlist the help of an agency like VerriBerri who can help you maintain that number one position. 

We have a team of SEO experts who will implement an effective SEO strategy for your brand. They have experience on a variety of e-commerce platforms (including Magento and Shopify) as well as a knowledge of Google algorithm changes, meaning you will see your website go from heights to heights. In order to keep your website on the first page of Google, our team completes regular SEO audits, content optimisation and keyword planning on your site – tweaking your website and our methods according to Google algorithm updates.

Public Relations for Men’s Fashion Brands 

With men’s changing mindset geared towards fashion and looking good, there are various male-focused magazines and blogs to cater for this. As a male fashion brand, these publications are the perfect opportunity to get your brand out there. However, you can’t just reach out to a journalist and ask them to talk about your brand – unless you want to pay upwards of £1,000 for a single article. That’s where public relations comes in! 

With a skilled PR team like ours, we will use our contacts within the fashion industry to secure free pieces in the press with a mention of your brand. This could be a press release about an innovative product you’re launching, opinion pieces about men’s fashion or research into clothing which you have completed. For over a decade, our approach has proven successful in helping to raise awareness of a brand without spending extra on a feature! It’s by far a more organic and cost-effective method to getting your name out there. 

Fashion Social Media Marketing

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As a hugely visual industry, social media platforms provide the perfect place for you to share your latest clothing launch or upcoming releases. However, when it comes to social media for male fashion brands, it is incredibly important you pick the right platforms and engage with the right people. After all, not only is fashion a female-dominated market but social media platform demographics are too! Platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram have a large female demography. However, Twitter and LinkedIn attract a mainly male audience. Now, don’t let this put you off posting on Instagram or Facebook as a men’s fashion brand. 

Facebook and Instagram are powerful marketing tools – particularly if you find the right audience. After extensive research, our social media team understands the male fashion market extremely well. We understand the behaviours of male consumers and utilise this knowledge when creating social media content.

Our team will adapt to your brand’s unique tone and use language that appeals to a male audience. We will also source popular hashtags used by men to share your content in. This will not only push out your content to a new audience but build followers and increase sales. 

Men’s Clothing Launch Events

The idea of holding a launch party is exciting – until you realise how much work goes into planning an event. You can have all of the excitement of organising events without the stress when you utilise our events management services. We will work with you to understand your targets and goals before our team starts planning. They will then organise venue viewings, invite guests, source appropriate catering companies and much more. We have previously organised a number of events including tasting evenings for restaurants, conferences and business breakfasts.

Why Choose VerriBerri? 

VerriBerri is proud to be the leading men’s fashion marketing agency in Essex. We have previously worked with a number of fashion brands in both the local area and beyond. In fact, our previous work has led us to have amazing connections with GQ, Men’s Fitness and Esquire. Therefore, when you work with VerriBerri, you also get access to industry-relevant publications and fashion influencers to raise awareness of your product.

We understand that outsourcing your marketing to an agency can be daunting. After all, your brand is your baby – and it’s difficult to trust just any marketing agency. However, here at VerriBerri, we pride ourselves on being completely transparent and honest with all of our clients. We only want to do the best for your brand, not sell you a service which doesn’t work for your industry. Unlike most marketing agencies, our team will work closely with you to establish your requirements and goals. Then, you will receive a thorough, personalised strategy that meets all of your expectations. 

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