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Men’s fashion marketing agency

Men’s fashion marketing agency

The world of mens fashion is both highly competitive and subjective. This means it doesn’t matter if you are just starting in the industry or a seasoned veteran. In fashion, to succeed you will need to have a well thought out marketing strategy. People who operate in the fashion industry usually do so because of their love of style. This passion needs to be carried through to the marketing and promotion of their brand. After all, to sell your products people will need to know that they exist and feel a connection to them.

Understandably, as a fashion designer, your strengths may not be in marketing and PR. That is why our men’s fashion marketing agency have detailed some tips to get you started. We hope that this will help you understand how to market your brand in the men’s fashion industry.

Target audience

The first step to any marketing strategy is research. This means that you need to understand who your competitors are, where your own brand sits in the marketplace, and who your target consumer is. For the purpose of this example, pretend you are a start-up men’s shoe brand that specialises in running trainers. You quickly conclude that you have a new product with low exposure. This is because you are competing with the likes of Asics, Nike and Adidas. You will also realise that your target consumers are men who are into fitness, in particular running. This is, of course, an incredibly basic example. You will need to be expand upon this to ensure you create an effective marketing strategy.

Social media


One of the first promotional tools our men’s fashion marketing agency recommend utilising is social media. Circling back to the research section of this article, you need to use your strategy to decide what platforms your target c onsumer is using. It may feel enticing to use every platform available to you. However, this can harm your brand. It comes down to the time you have to put into your social media marketing.

If you decide to use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok you will need to put in some serious hours to create content that sends the right message and engages with your audience in a positive way. This time can take away from all of the other jobs you have to do to keep your business running. Therefore, you must choose the channels that would best benefit your brand. This will ensure the hours you invest in social media are wisely spent.

To understand more on the benefits of social media marketing for the men’s fashion industry check out this blog.


One of the best methods of marketing men’s fashion brands is to use influencers. This ties nicely into social media marketing as a majority of influencer outreach takes place on social media platforms. An influencer is someone who has obtained online credibility and a loyal following.Think of them as a social media celebrity. Brands often use influencers to reach their target audience. For years fashion brands have used actors, athletes and general celebrities to endorse their products. This is because these people have a fan base who are likely to purchase a product that they see the influencer using. 

Influencer marketing works in a very similar way. You will need to choose a selection of accounts that have a following that matches your target audience. This means that when the influencer posts on their social media about your products they will be directly engaging with your ideal customer base. However, because the influencer’s followers already trust and admire them you are likely to see conversions from using this marketing method. 


As a men’s marketing agency, we know the importance of a great website. Not only is it a fantastic communication tool, but it can also be an excellent method to generate inbound leads. For many people, their first impression of your brand will be your website. Therefore, it must represent you perfectly. You will need to ensure that the design is clear and that the site itself is easy to navigate. If you are intending on selling your products on your website then it will need to look (and be) trustworthy. 

Your website can also be used to monitor the success of your marketing campaigns. If you use your site as the destination to drive your traffic towards, you can look at the analytics to discover how people are finding you and where they are coming from.


Fashion PR agency for men

If you have a website then you are going to need a good SEO strategy. SEO (search engine optimisation) is the discipline of working on your website so that it ranks well. (Ideally within the first three results on page one.) This will be for certain key phrases and keywords in search engines such as Google.

As we spoke about in the first paragraph, the men’s fashion industry is highly competitive. As a result, it can be incredibly difficult to rank for certain key phrases. This means that you need to refine your niche in the market. The best way to start is by ranking for long-tail keywords. Lets go back to our previous example of the start-up trainers’ brand. They will find it incredibly difficult to rank for the key phrase ‘ running shoes’. However, they stand a much better chance of ranking for a long-tail key phrase such as ‘long-distance running shoes.’ 

SEO takes a combination of time, effort and education. A lot of companies will run a PPC campaign where they will pay Google to sit at the top of the search results for certain key phrases. However, this can be costly and once the budget is spent and the campaign is turned off, their websites are nowhere to be found. By working to rank organically, your website and therefore brand looks more credible, which in turn creates a higher conversion rate. You can find out more about our SEO agency and what constitutes good SEO by clicking here.


To gain a buzz around your brand within the men’s fashion industry you will need to gain some publicity. One of the best ways to do this is to utilise a PR team. Public relations is a great way to generate mass media brand exposure. By having a team pitching newsworthy stories about your business to journalists you could see your fashion brand feature in articles in local, national and international media outlets. 

Our PR team here at VerriBerri men’s fashion marketing have spent years researching and generating trusting relationships with media outlets and journalists. Meaning that we are perfectly placed to launch your brand into the public eye without the need for expensive adverts. You can find out more on PR and how a PR agency operates by clicking here.

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