Monitoring and analytics

A marketing and public relations campaign is only as good as it’s analytics and insights.

How successful has your campaign been? Monitoring and analytics will tell you!

The results of your marketing and PR campaigns must always be easily trackable through monitoring and analytics.

The team here at VerriBerri don’t do anything without knowing it really works for you. As a result, we can see the success of your campaigns, giving you an in-depth overview of your target audience. How? Becasue we monitor, track, and analyse everything.

Social Media Insights

We utilise social media insights on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms to analyse the effects of our social media campaigns on your audience.

Media Exposure Report

Our professional analytics team will round up the readership and engagement from your monthly press coverage so you understand how many users you have received via media publications.

End of The Month Report

At the end of each month, our clients receive a report to explain their analytics and insights for the whole month. This includes social media activity, website analytics and press coverage.

Reporting And Monitoring Process

VerriBerri understand the importance of accurate and regular reporting. After all, it’s vital to know that your marketing and public relations efforts are paying off. This is particularly true when your goals are to raise awareness of your brand and build your customer base.


When you begin your contract, our team will work with you to establish specific goals and KPIs. This is to assist with all of our marketing and public relations campaigns. To ensure we are meeting these goals, you will receive a clear and concise report every month. Our monthly reports break down the results of your social media campaigns, keyword rankings and exposure in the media. Monitoring and analytics are a vital cog in this wheel, as without this we cannot see where we are successful and where we need to focus on.