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offline marketing

Online marketing is a firm a necessity for all businesses. It is a relatively low cost method of advertising with a high ROI. The perfect marketing solution. However, it is still important to remember the effectiveness of all the methods you use, not just one.

What is offline marketing?

Business cards, leaflets, and signs are all examples of conventional offline marketing.  Print marketing in particular is a tool that has been used over the years to increase sales. Newspapers are never short of opportunities. Carry out research for your target newspaper’s circulation to see how many people purchase the paper but also how many businesses subscribe.

You can increase your sales with the use of a great leaflet or business card design. An object that a potential client can come away with may be more effective than an email that could potentially never be opened.

The benefits and disadvantages of offline marketing.

Because of its longevity, people are still regularly using traditional marketing. Finding an ad in a magazine or newspaper are all common activities that people do without even thinking about it.

Dependant on your business’s target market, it may be that your prospective customers respond better to offline marketing. For example, an older target audience may prefer to receive a leaflet through the post instead of an email that they have trouble accessing.

One disadvantage of these traditional marketing methods is that their effectiveness cannot be measured easily or in some cases at all. It can also be costly, which is why businesses are more open to the idea of digital marketing.

The biggest disadvantage of offline marketing would be that it is a lot harder to interact with your audience. With the technology in today’s industry you’re able to reach out and start a conversation with potential clients with just one click of a button. Whereas with these more conventional methods most of the time you are simply throwing them information and hoping that they respond.

A real benefit of offline marketing is the vast range of options available to us when it comes to reaching clients.

The type of offline marketing we can carry out for you varies drastically from one company to another. We will write up press releases, arrange meetings and events, help brand your business and produce local magazines that can be sent out to the community.

Meetings and events in particular are a fantastic way of engaging with potential clients face to face and interacting with them. This can prove even more vital for high value transactions or services which are relationship based. In turn this could lead to more word or mouth recommendations because you have had the chance put your face to a name and made your relationship with a client more personal. Live events are a fantastic way of promoting your business to a large number of people at one time and answering any questions they may have immediately.

Compared to online marketing, offline marketing is far more tangible and tactile. Giving customers the opportunity to experience your product, such as a magazine, is far more powerful than a virtual one. Whether you decide to use online or offline marketing also depends on your target market. In some cases people may not have access to the internet in which case it is worth considering reaching them using offline methods in addition to online methods.

At VerriBerri, we often run offline marketing campaigns in line with your online marketing, as we have found that an integrated approach produces the best results. We have discovered in the past that people would disregard offline marketing in favour for the internet. However, we have proved in the past that this isn’t always the best tactic.

If you are considering using both online and offline marketing, don’t be afraid to ask us to do both! At VerriBerri, we are more than happy to sit down with you and spend time planning a successful marketing campaign. If you would like to benefit from our level of expertise and you need any assistance get in touch with us today!