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A More Holistic Approach To Online Marketing In Essex

Since the advent of the internet, digital marketers have traditionally furrowed their plough into one of several key marketing avenues. Advertising – pay-per-click online advertising (PPC); PR – securing exposure in publications; SEO – getting your brand seen higher up on the conventional search engines (usually Google); and social media marketing – a more recent pathway, but an ever more prominent one. Many people seem to think that when it comes to marketing, you should act in one of two ways.

You can either invest all your brand’s marketing resources into one singular methodologyonly focusing on PPC, for example. Or, alternatively, that you take a non-tailored, generic scattergun approach, where you hedge your bets by putting a little bit of money into several areas. A ‘throw it at the wall, and see what sticks’ approach. But what if there was a middle ground? Well, the team here at VerriBerri, an agency offering online marketing in Essex, has always believed there is. You can look to market in several different areas, whilst keeping it targeted and bespoke to your brand, you simply need to know how. We’ve put together this blog to expound the benefits of taking this more tailored approach; and to demonstrate why it’s worth your while too.

You Have A Safety Net

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If you only channel your efforts into one means of marketing, should it go wrong, you’ve got no plan B. By contrast, if you use several different strands of marketing then you can tinker, tweak and fine-tune each strand month by month to optimise your brand’s marketing performance. It allows you to be proactive when you need to be, rather than feeling stuck with something that’s struggling, and not being able to do anything about it. Ultimately, variety in your marketing strategy affords you a level of contingency you just don’t get by pursuing one, sole form of marketing. If you’re looking for your online marketing in Essex to succeed, you want a team of relay runners and not a sprinter who pulls up with a hamstring injury.

Bespoke, Tailored & Entirely Your Brand

The best suits are those that are measured up and tailored to your physical specifications and dimensions. Marketing strategies are no different. To extend this analogy, if you’re buying a suit, you don’t just buy the jacket – we’ve just talked about that, how you diversify your marketing strategy. But by the same token, you don’t buy a whole three-piece suit that’s six sizes too large ‘just to be safe’. You make sure it suits you.

A team specialising in online marketing in Essex will do lots of things for your brands; but one thing they’ll make sure they do before anything else, is sit down with your brand, and get to know it inside out. We’re not just talking a superficial skim, we’re talking a deep-dive into who your brand is, and what it stands for. By carrying out these sorts of brainstorms, they can subsequently stitch together a marketing strategy that, like Baby Bear’s porridge, is just right for your brand.

Certain Strategies Suit Certain Types Of Brand

Not every marketing strategy suits every kind of brand. That’s the same as anything; as an employer, you wouldn’t approach one of your more anxious, introverted employees and antagonise, provoke or challenge them to do better. You need to be savvy and know which form of marketing suits your brand. If you offer a product that you can display, then of course something visual such as social media is right for you.

If, on the other hand, your brand offers a service with a concept that’s harder to grasp? Well, then an in-depth feature in a magazine secured through PR means is probably more up your street. Agencies offering online marketing in Essex are experts at knowing what to gear your brand’s core marketing around. Once that core is in place, that’s when you can bolster it with other forms of marketing that are supplementary – beneficial, of course, but not the leading player in the strategy.

It Builds A Bigger, Better Brand

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Achieving success across several different marketing methodologies ensures maximum exposure for your brand. You’ll start to be remembered – you become that brand that keeps popping up everywhere, and is constantly in the back of people’s minds. You want to get your brand into a position whereby potential customers don’t have a choice but to remember you. That doesn’t mean badgering them, just a low level, consistent marketing campaign that keeps you relevant, and keeps chipping away until you are very much a known quantity within your particular industry.

Marketing can often be thought of like mining. It can sometime take months of chipping away at the ore, before you reach that golden nugget, seemingly tiny, but that is immensely valuable, that big break as a brand. In marketing terms that could be a feature in a big magazine. In SEO terms, it’d be reaching the number one spot in keyword rankings. This is why the holistic approach to marketing is so imperative. Online marketing in Essex for your brand is about playing the long-game. We advocate this approach because it ensures your brand sustainable growth and success, not just a temporary surge in traffic. The big numbers stemming from a huge PPC budget, for example, may seem attractive, but their worth is entirely hollow in the long-run.

Today’s business world is incredibly competitive. In that world, you need to approach your marketing in a smarter way. You can’t just charge in, gung-ho, and expect to see the yield of returns you may have done, traditionally. So, if you’d like to find out more about VerriBerri, then get in touch today! We offer comprehensive online marketing in Essex, and always in the vein mentioned above! Give us a call today for a non-obligation chat on how we could help build your business or brand. Contact us on 01376 386 85, or click here. We can’t wait to hear from you!