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Our Essex online PR agency is expert at working across the UK in order to help your brand stand out, get more customers and increase your Google ranking… what more could you want?

We gain valuable high-authority links for our clients through online publications. The world of print media is, if not dying, then certainly declining over time thanks to the ever-growing popularity of the Internet. Let’s be honest, it isn’t going anywhere! Given that for many brands the virtual shop front is the main source of income, we know that the quickest and more effective long-term strategy is with the help of an online PR agency. We’ll drive traffic, increase sales and as mentioned above, help with that time-consuming SEO strategy. We do this with the help of our multi-award-winning PR team, as well as with the assistance of our equally accolade-rich social media department. 

Planning an online PR strategy

The first thing to remember is that online readers consume information in a completely different way to those who like hard-copy print media. Of course, to some extent this will revolve around the particular media outlet, in question, and their readership. Generally speaking, however, the principle is similar. Online PR revolves around quick reactions and fast sales. You can simply click a link, be that on social media or within a publication, and you’re on the designated website.

People are looking to buy when they do this, and you have a captured audience. We need to create a campaign with strong hooks and USP’s to elicit that all important click-through. This is something we pride ourselves on here at VerriBerri. One recent example that particularly stands out, is an article that we had published in the media seven months ago is still attracting, on average, sixhigh basket-value purchases per calendar month, all this time later. 

An effective digital PR strategy will target online communities, influencers, media outlets and social channels, all in tandem. We’ll make sure that people not only know who you are, but feel a compelling need to buy from you, as well. The best part of our online PR agency’s work is that it’s completely quantifiable. We can tell you who visited, what they did on your website and determine actions to better increase your conversion rates, time and time again. Our team pride ourselves on regular reporting which not only looks at the above, but also the quality of the links earned, the resulting Google rankings, and best of all… we guarantee our results. 

SEO and our Online PR agency 

As we keep saying, digital PR can positively impact your organic visibility on search engines. These two disciplines work hand in hand to push you up the rankings and improve the credibility of your company as a result. Link building still proves vital in 2020, and we see no reason why that will change anytime soon. 

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Search engines like Google are companies themselves, and they have a vested interest to show people search results that are relevant and trustworthy. A failure to do so and those users will soon be going the way of Ask Jeeves (remember them? Thought so!) Links pointing to your website from reputable sources (which include media outlets and heavily shared social content) show search engines your reputability and that you’re of interest to the public. Simply put, you wouldn’t be interesting if you didn’t have something of worth to offer, so they boost your search rankings. 

The benefits of inbound links. 

This is an article in its own right. In fact, you can click here to read a more intensive blog about the topic. But in short, below you’ll see points that go some of the way as to explaining the intrinsic value of these links.

Inbound links… 

  • Help you rank higher in on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).
  • Make sure your brand reaches a larger audience. 
  • Encourage more traffic onto your website.
  • Show authority and expertise, meaning more people trust you. 
  • Establish you as an authority in your industry or niche. 
  • Generate leads and sales. 
  • Improve your brand image.

What does digital PR involve?

The opportunities are endless when you’re targeting your ideal customer online. As with any method of marketing, it will need to be tailored to suit your individual brand. Regardless of the industry, our UK online PR agency work with you to amalgamate the very best that traditional PR had to offer, but with a digital focus through optimised links. This could include:

  • Online press releases
  • Thought leadership 
  • News hijacking 
  • Interviews
  • Organising online reviews 
  • Building relationships with your brand and its audience. 
  • Influencer marketing and outreach
  • Blogger links
  • TV appearances.
  • Podcast opportunities
  • Radio slots
  • Reputation management
  • Crisis management (when/if necessary) 
  • Social media management 

What is the difference between online PR and digital marketing?

Admittedly, it’s a fine line to walk. When you work with an online PR agency, one of the major benefits is that you make use of our years of contacts. That could be editors, journalists or direct contacts with particular publications. Generally speaking, marketing is more focused upon the sale, itself, whilst online PR is also that, but combined with the brand reputation, and the brand’s overall standing within various communities. Ideally, our marketing team and PR department work together on any project to ensure the very best results for your company. 

This sounds expensive! 

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Surprisingly, it isn’t! We work on an hourly basis, meaning you can choose the budget that suits you! In fact, our online PR agency believes that this is amongst the more cost-effective means of marketing yourself. Studies have shown that PR has a 90% better return on investment when compared with advertising! You can plan your campaign too, with either a local, regional, national or international strategy. Although we are an Essex online PR agency, we work across the globe with our clients. Since our launch in 2009, we have worked (and continue to do so) with clients across Europe, the USA, Canada and Asia. 

Contact our online PR agency

We would love to hear from you. Simply click here to get in touch. One of our senior management team will be in touch with you within just a few hours. Following a brief discussion, we’ll create a bespoke proposal within another 48 hours. Within this proposal, we will outline the best way for you to move forward, should you wish to. Our pricing is completely transparent and, to our knowledge, we are the only UK PR agency to guarantee our results.