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Having been an online PR agency for almost 12 years, we know just how hit and miss PR can be. Although it may seem counterproductive for us to mention this; one of our USP’s is that we are the only online PR agency in the country that guarantee our results. 

Having grown from a small business to the team of 18 we have today, we understand that poor results from PR can have a detrimental effect on small or start-up businesses. Equally, we understand that larger companies shouldn’t have to be disappointed either. Here at VerriBerri we don’t make promises we can’t keep. Our aim is always to impress our clients, but we never over promise and under deliver. 

What is Online PR and Who Can it Benefit?

PR can be difficult to get your head around. Essentially, it refers to the process of linking your company to your ideal customer. When we throw online PR into the mix, it just means carrying out your public relations through online platforms. 

When looking at who can benefit from online PR, the simple answer is everyone. Every business, no matter how well established you are, can always benefit from more exposure. Although you may need to specifically cater your PR strategy to your industry; online PR can work for every sector. Where it becomes slightly more complicated is when companies are financially regulated. This being said, our online PR agency have pulled this off before with great success. We know how to keep your brand compliant and in line with the guidelines surrounding the nature of your business. 

Different Types of Online PR

As we all know, the online world is endless. With the majority of our screen time increasing during lockdown, never have we ever been this obsessed with all things digital. It’s for this reason that naturally, online PR opportunities are also never-ending. When trying to work out which avenue to go down, companies often struggle to get it right. This is where companies look to work alongside an online PR agency like us.  

As humans we’re naturally influenced by those around us. With 500,000 influencers on Instagram alone; it’s hard not to bump into their content somewhere along the way. This being said, a popular type of online PR is in utilizing the profiles of these influencers. This can be done via takeovers or collaborations. 

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As well as this, online PR also encompasses print publications. These can be in online news outlets or even online magazines. Where people often make mistakes with PR in general is in targeting industry specific publications only. What you should be doing is reaching mainstream media as well. The benefits of this kind of coverage can be extremely impactful on the success of your business. Not only will it get your brand seen but also, you have the ability to also reach a completely new market. 

Podcasts are something that many people disregard when it comes to marketing. Although they may seem old hat on the surface, they are actually the complete opposite. Podcasts have become increasingly popular; with research showing around 7.1 million people in the UK alone listen to a podcast of some variety each week. Being a guest on someone’s podcast or even having a small feature can be great if you’re releasing a new product or if you simply want more people to know who you are. 

Online PR and Your SEO

Although it seems peculiar to tie the two together, online PR can have a really impressive impact on your SEO. When appearing anywhere online, there is always the possibility that someone may share a link. Whether it’s just amongst their friends or even on their own website, link-building is a massive contributor to your Google ranking. When Google sees people sharing the content that’s been constructed around your brand; it sees this as a good indicator that you are trustworthy. What’s more, they’ll think you’re also experts in your field. As a result of this, Google will then boost your ranking meaning you have a better chance of landing at the top of the SERP.

Advantages of Online PR

The advantages online PR can have on a company are continual. Every brand wants to be recognised. Utilizing online PR is a fantastic way of getting that recognition and generating word of mouth. What’s more, online PR also has the potential to expose you to new markets as well as attracting your target demographic. Taking the media as an example; being featured on their socials in any capacity can help you to gain more of a reach. They may have followers you hadn’t thought of targeting or maybe they didn’t know about your product/service before this. 

Online PR can also help you to get ahead of your competition. Whether you’re in a niche market or a completely flooded one; we all strive to be better than those competing in the same sector as us. Exposure in the form of PR can help get you to the forefront of your industry so that prospective customers visit you before them. 

Coming full circle, all of these advantages are followed up with improved website traffic and in turn, increased sales. 

Why You Need an Agency

Knowing how to reach out to journalists or influencers is one thing but making your pitch stand out over others is a whole other story. With thousands of others trying to compete for publicity of their business, getting people to choose you over others can sometimes feel like a losing battle. Here at VerriBerri, we are confident we can make this happen. 

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To summarise, PR is a concept every business should be open to exploring. Having worked with companies both in the UK and USA, we have collected a great deal of both national and international contacts in our time. If you think your business could benefit from utilizing our online PR agency, we would be more than happy to discuss this further. To get in touch, click here.