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Online Public Relations Agency

When looking into your current marketing strategy, you should be considering bringing an online public relations agency into the mix. Whilst some areas of marketing you could attempt yourself, it’s not advisable to carry out PR without some input from the experts. In fact, it would be near impossible to do it without us. Relationships take a long time to form and it can be hard getting traction without existing contacts in the field.

VerriBerri are a 10x award winning online public relations agency with the knowhow to bring your company to life. No matter whether you’re a small start-up or multinational conglomerate, we have what it takes to bring your vision to life. What’s more, we’re a full-service agency meaning we can implement other techniques along the way should you wish. The other areas we cover include:

  • Social Media Management
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Content Led Marketing
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Event Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography and videography
  • Business Development

What PR is and what an Online PR Agency Does

Public Relations, or PR, refers to attempts made by a company to bridge the gap between themselves and the public. When speaking about online PR, we simply are referring to the digital aspects of said technique. This includes things such as utilising influencer platforms as well as online publications.

As an online public relations agency, it is our job to explore what makes your customers tick. Once we have tracked consumer behaviour, we then need to work on pushing your name out there for all to see. PR is all about improving the visibility for your brand, so this is always our main focus. By utilising our established contacts, we are then able to start pitching and securing leads. Once our PR campaigns are underway, you should start seeing a spike in your sales. 

Where to Start

The world of PR is vast, and it can become overwhelming when you’re peering at it from the start line. In order to be as helpful as possible, lets explore some of your options when it comes to digital PR: 

Online Publications

Through the years, publications have all adapted the way they work. Although still established printed newspapers, they also have their online version for easy browsing. Living in such a fast-paced society, it makes life a lot easier if we can access reading material at the touch of a few buttons. In addition to this, most online publications are even free. Quite frankly, it’s a wonder printed newspapers are still so popular. 

Online publications can be huge for your brand recognition. No matter what piece you’re featuring in, you’re going to reach a wide range of people. Not only will it influence areas of your direct target audience, but it may also catch the eye of some unexpected consumers. From this, there’s no telling how much attention you can get. (It’s guaranteed to be a lot though.)

Influencer/Blogger Marketing

As more modern approaches go, utilising influencers is huge for any company. An ‘influencer’ is considered to be anyone in the online space that has a large following who they influence. This often means that if they’re raving about a product, their audience are likely going to want it too. This is wildly successful amongst a lot of sectors, the beauty and fashion industry especially. No matter what you do, there is always an influencer out there that will meet a similar demographic.

The main ways you can get influencers or bloggers involved in your project is through gifting or collaborating with them. ‘Gifting’ is where you send them your products for free and they post about you online. Meanwhile, collaborations entail bringing them on-board for a project. You may choose to bring out a new line in which they have some creative direction. Either way, this will usually cost something but having their face on a campaign is invaluable. 

Why You Need an online public relations Agency

As we mentioned in the beginning, it’s not advisable to attempt digital PR on your own. The main reason for this being that it’s unlikely you’ll have many contacts in the industry. Journalists usually have an idea of what they want to talk about and knowing how you can fit in with their ideas can be tricky. With our 12 years of experience, we know exactly what your customers want to see and what publicists want to hear. One lead could and probably will make a huge difference.

If SEO is a grey area for you, you may not know the importance of back linking. Links are generated through online PR. When someone mentions you in a social media post or online article, they usually include your URL somewhere within the content. This flags up to Google when they’re assessing how high you should rank. If a trusted source is willing to recommend you, this stands you in good stead. Despite the positives, some back links can hurt your SEO. By having a full-service agency involved, we can help you to avoid harmful links that may damage your ranking value whilst gaining influential links.

On the whole, PR will also be a very time-consuming task. There are lots of things that go into securing a lead and many areas you don’t see as a client. If time is an issue for you, doing your own PR could add hours onto your day. Bringing in an online public relations agency to help just seems like common sense. 

Get in Touch

As a business owner, your business is your baby. It’s for this reason that you need to be sure you’re in capable and trustworthy hands. As well as this, you need to be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. After seeing clients shy away from PR due to its unpredictability, we wanted to do something to assure you’ll get a good ROI. Implementing our PR guarantee just felt like the right thing to do. Our USP sets us a step ahead of the rest when it comes to digital PR.

For more information on how our online public relations agency can help you, we’d love for you to get in touch. We’re happy to get involved in all types of projects, both big and small. Why not give us a call on 01376 386 850 or, you can even click here!