Ophthalmology Marketing


Ophthalmology Marketing

Being specialists in ophthalmology marketing, we understand just how niche this industry is. In order to get your marketing right, you’re going to need the help of someone with direct experience. Despite working with clients in a range of sectors, this is something we have a lot of knowledge in specifically. Before building the VerriBerri brand, our CEO worked in the opthalmic industry for a number of years. This creates the perfect foundations for a marketing strategy that hits the spot first time.


Why Choose Us

As well as the above, there are also lots of other reasons as to why you should choose us for your ophthalmology marketing.  As we’ll discuss more later, PR is likely to play a big part in your marketing strategy. Given how niche your audience are and how indecisive journalists can be, there’s little room for error. From what we’ve been told from our clients, lots of other agencies ply clients with unrealistic promises when it comes down to PR leads. Whilst we’re all for pushing ourselves, we’d never want you to be left feeling like you’ve lost out. By implementing our PR guarantee, this has helped define the way we work. What you see is what you get. If we’re telling you we can achieve something, it’s because we know that we can, so much so we rubberstamp it!

Before touching on SEO in more detail, it’s important we first highlight the difficulties that can come with trying this yourself. Your Google ranking is a very sensitive thing and plays a big part in your volume of site traffic. Through our almost 12 years working in the industry, we have seen plenty of damaged sites. The biggest cause of this is people dabbling without much knowledge surrounding how it all works. If you were to ask any specialist, they’ll likely tell you the same thing. It’s better left in the hands of someone who knows SEO inside and out. 

Unlike agencies in the city, we come without the hefty London price tag. This means that not only are you getting our take from the experience we’ve had in the industry but also, much more affordable marketing too. What more could you want?

Building an Online Presence

When it comes to building your online presence, social media is a good all-rounder for almost every industry. We’re all guilty of using our phones as an escape. Quite frankly, the sheer amount of media that we consume on a daily basis is shocking. Regardless, our screen times are ever-increasing. With more of us scrolling through these platforms, businesses would be silly to not take advantage. 

These days, social media can be utilised by businesses in lots of different ways. Whilst it can be really powerful in terms of boosting your visibility, equally it can be handy when it comes to customer service. Despite being glued to our phones, we seem to have begun shying away from making phone calls. Lots of people find them nerve wracking and sitting on hold isn’t ideal given the fast-paced society we’re living in. Similarly, emails are also becoming less favourable when it comes to customer service. Why not consider opening your messages to the public? You’d be surprised just how many brownie points this could earn you in the eyes of potential customers.

Gathering content and writing captions is far easier said than done. What’s more, not many people know how to maximise the engagement on their posts through hashtags. Whilst it is possible to do your social media yourself, you may find it more time-efficient to bring in ophthalmology marketing specialists. 

Pitching to Journalists

Without established contacts in the field, it’s likely you’ll go unnoticed when it comes to gaining traction through PR. As we mentioned earlier, it can be a difficult thing to get right. Having said this, our team have been successful in gaining traction is some really popular publications before; anything from The Guardian and The Independent to Women’s Own and This Morning. 

Lots of our clients require a blend of different media publications when it comes to PR. Despite this, given how niche you are as a business, you’re going to need to target a more mainstream audience. Large publications that have a huge reach is likely to be where you’ll see the best ROI. 

Optimising your Site

SEO is something we recommend for almost all of our clients. When looking for anything these days, people go online to find what they need. With there being such an abundance of content out there, Google aim to make specific information as easily accessible to the consumer as possible. In order to do this, they needed to invent their algorithm.

In order to fully optimise your site, you need to satisfy the elements of what Google wants to see. This includes the likes of optimising your site for mobiles and quickening your loading speed. Trust me, these examples are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to search engine optimisation. 

Although difficult in the beginning, the hard work does pay off. The more you optimise your website, the higher you’ll appear when people search for things relating to your business. With this, you’re going to generate far more site traffic than without SEO.

What to Do if Your Budget is Small

Whilst you may struggle with SEO and PR, social media is one element of marketing that lots of companies do themselves. Some are really successful with it too. Where your budget may not allow for time to be spent on this component, you can definitely attempt posting content yourselves. 

As well as being a full-service ophthalmology marketing agency, we’re also happy to be used as a consultancy too. If you’re simply looking for some creative direction, we’d be more than happy to throw some ideas your way. 

Get in Touch

The bottom line is niche markets require niche marketing. Involving a team who have little understanding as to what you do isn’t going to be great in the long run. Instead, you’re going to do better out of utilising the skillset of ophthalmology marketing specialists like ourselves. If you’d like to get in touch, you can do so by clicking here. We’d love to hear from you!