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‘How do I get my website to convert?’ is one of the most frequent questions our organic SEO agency are asked.

The problem is, a lot of people put stock into SEO, but that’s not everything! Statistics show that businesses which use conversion optimisation in their SEO strategy have double the increase in sales.

It would not be foolish to believe that more businesses would think ahead and experiment and test their pages. However, research shows that 61% of businesses carry out under five tests each month.

Some facts regarding some of the highest converting websites.

  • Around 96% of visitors to your site are not yet ready to make a purchasing decision.
  • You have between 0 and 8 seconds to make an impression.
  • The more landing pages you have the more likely you are to convert.
  • Videos on site can increase purchases of your product by 144%
  • Just a one second delay in your loading speed can lose 7% of potential conversions.
  • Split testing has been the most successful tool in determining optimum conversion.

So why do some websites perform so well?

  • Their USP is immediately obvious. When a visitor lands on a page they know exactly what is offered to them and why it is the best choice for them.
  • They answer questions before they are asked. Think about what concerns your customer could have an address them immediately. Be brutally honest with yourself, what could put people off? Don’t hide it; talk about it!
  • Calls to action are tested. Change your CTA regularly and see how results vary.
  • Make your enquiry forms as short as possible. If you ask a million and one questions you will turn people off. Keep it simple… name, email address and telephone alongside the enquiry is sufficient.
  • Implement a ‘chat now’ box. Stats show this increases signups by 31%
  • Running an offer has been found to increase conversions by 148.3%
  • An image of a person on your homepage can have a massive impact on conversions. Remember – people like people; not business.
  • Changing your call to action button to red has seen an increase of conversions of up to 34%

Regardless of the above the most important thing you can do is to test, test and test again.

Organic SEO. 

It’s all well and good getting your website to convert, but you need to get people there first! How will you do that? Organic SEO.
In terms of SEO  and your website, some people are completely unaware of the difference between what’s organic and what isn’t. As a consumer, many wouldn’t know the difference until you are no longer on the first page of results on Google, which is a very real possibility if you neglect your SEO.

Search engine optimisation is the process of boosting your ranking on browsers in order to increase the volume of traffic driven to your site.

So how do you know what kind of SEO is right for you?

As an organic SEO agency, we take the natural approach, focusing on the content of your website, building Google approved back-links and identifying and using keywords to climb the rankings. Of course this isn’t all that it takes, but in basic terms, it is a good start! Generally, this takes more time to execute but so long as your efforts are ongoing and well maintained it will often produce high yield long-term results. Ideal for smaller businesses, this method of SEO is inexpensive but time consuming. It can be complicated and take some time to see results but be patient and keep blogging!

Essex SEO agency

Non Organic or Artificial SEO involves using paid advertising to climb the ranks. Although a very quick method, with results guaranteed, it is costly. Your initial ranking will jump up immediately but should you stop paying for the place, your ranking will plummet just as fast.

Imagine a non-organic apple in a supermarket, grown using chemicals to develop the fruit faster and to make it look more appealing to customers. It may look appetising on the outside but take away the chemicals and the effects are short lived.

The same can be said for your company’s website. At VerriBerri, we are proud to be an organic SEO agency. We can help you grow your business’ online presence gradually and naturally to create solid foundations and eradicate the worry of suddenly disappearing off the map!

SEO is a time consuming task which requires an up to date knowledge of current algorithms. As such, many people choose to use an agency in order to increase their rankings. We are proud to be multi award winning, and we retain our clients for significant periods of time. As such, we know we are the right agency for almost everyone.

It stands to reason that every single business owner wants to rank higher than their competitors on search engines.

Finally, here’s one simple tip to help you with your SEO strategy. It is surprisingly effective at pushing your website up to the sought-after first place.

Researching for SEO is a two-part exercise. On the one hand, you need to research your competition, on the other your keywords. Whilst beginners to SEO are continuously advised to research keywords, very few are told to look into the competitors.

Regardless, the two are entirely intertwined in reaching your SEO goals for rankings.

So why do research? Quite simply, if you use the wrong key phrases it doesn’t matter how remarkable (and of course unique) your content is, you simply won’t attract much traffic and certainly won’t make any conversions.

Researching keywords means the consideration of three main areas.

Initially you need to ensure that all of your keywords are relevant to your website and the services and products that your offer. Do be careful about using keywords that are too broad however as not only will you find it difficult to rank but you may find that you are being discovered by the wrong audience which will result in a low conversion rate and a high bounce rate.

Once you have identified what the best keywords are to use then you need to learn more about your competition, look into what they are doing and how they are working on their rankings. 

Put together a list of key phrases that they are using and check out the authority of their pages. Visit their sites and see how their pages interlink and how easy they are to navigate. Pay particular attention to how they both set up and create content for services within different niches.

Finally differentiate how different your website is from the competition. How can you improve on them? What ideas do they have that you could make your own?

We hope this article has been useful. Should you wish to find out more about how our organic SEO agency can help please click here.