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Personal PR agency

When you think of global icons such as David Beckham, Beyoncé or Kim Kardashian, you don’t just think of their roles as a footballer, singer or TV star. You think of them as a brand. All three, along with numerous other celebrities have turned their success into a wide-reaching method of making money. They have managed to achieve this through a personal PR agency.

Personal Branding

David Beckham for example, launched his professional career in 1992, playing football for Manchester United. Since then, he has played for several football clubs; launched a range of fragrances; developed a clothing label; been the face of many household brands, featured in a reality TV show with his family, starred in self-titled video games; visited warzones as a morale-booster; become a global ambassador for football, and help raise millions of pounds for charity. Personal PR can be extremely difficult; especially if it not something you have prior experience of. People are unpredictable and something you do can be taken very badly, very quickly. 

Aside from having a vast and successful career, David Beckham is an example of how positive personal PR can maintain a person’s image and overcome difficulties. Beckham has suffered two accusations of extramarital affairs and been sued by a member of the paparazzi since 2004 however his reputation has not been tarnished by this. Just like you wouldn’t profess to being an expert at fixing cars or producing fine art; attempting to manage your own personal PR without the correct skills could be a fatal error.

We may think celebrities have it easy. 

Below I will highlight what must be done by your Personal PR agency to ensure that this isn’t the case.

When an individual’s reputation is at stake it is unlikely you’ll have much time. Response time and your reaction in these circumstances is absolutely key. It could determine whether your brand survives or not.

It is vital to say the right thing and react appropriately to any controversial allegations. It’s also very important to ensure that you are polite as this can further influence perceptions of you.

You must get your celebrity noticed, even if that means arranging interviews or appearances where you have the chance to rectify the mistakes that have been made – the larger the broadcaster the better. Once again, it is important to say the right thing and not worsen the situation by saying something you will immediately regret. It is always worth apologising for a mistake you have made, however I recommend drawing on the positives as opposed to negative comments.

With the rapid growth in the popularity of social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, they are an effective way of reaching millions of people and a fantastic opportunity to promote a star. Everything that is sent out via social media should also be proofread more than once, pause before clicking ‘send’. Sending out an email, tweet, status with grammar errors could prove highly embarrassing and unprofessional.
If you have a poor reputation this can have a serious impact on your results. If you rebrand, this helps eliminate negative associations with the brand.

At VerriBerri we have a wealth of experience as an expert Personal PR agency.

You only have once chance to get it right. Don’t wait to face the dreaded consequences and get in touch with us today.