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The Benefits Of Hiring A Personal Trainer Marketing Agency

As a personal trainer, you may think that reaching peak physical fitness is far easier than reaching your ultimate business marketing goals. The team here at VerriBerri, a leading personal trainer marketing agency, respectfully disagree – but hey, that’s just our expertise showing. The truth still stands, however, that with the industry jam-packed with fully-qualified personal trainers; top tier marketing is required in order to succeed. 

Putting all your efforts into marketing without a plan in place may not result in an injury, as an unplanned workout might, but it will certainly lead to stunted results. In this blog, the team at our personal trainer marketing agency have provided their considerable insight into how smarter marketing can help you reach your personal best!

Tailor Made For You

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The work of a personal trainer comes in all shapes and sizes – both figuratively and literally! Some may enter your gym eager to lose weight, others may want to build up some muscle. There will be those looking for some vigorous training in preparation for a race or some other kind of event, and others will be there for no other reason than a healthy routine. Ultimately, it’s safe to say that a great personal trainer will produce tailor made fitness plans to suit their client’s needs. As a great marketing company, we unabashedly boast of the bespoke nature of our marketing strategies. Just as there isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan when it comes to fitness; the same can be said for marketing. Any marketing strategy presented to you will be created with your personal circumstances and objectives in mind. 

You may be seeking to grow your brand recognition to draw in more clients. In this case we would implement a campaign in which PR and social media marketing is the main focus. Alternatively, you may be interested in changing the way your ‘brand’ presents itself. If this is the case, we would focus on a rebranding, complete with graphic design, to re-establish your brand. If you’re not too sure what it is you need; then a personal trainer marketing agency, will certainly be able to tell you.

Strong Branding Is Essential

Considering the competitive nature of the profession; there are certain things that a personal trainer should focus on when looking to improve their branding. Whilst the services you offer are certainly important, and well worth noting, when there are a myriad of personal trainers to choose from in one gym alone; offering these services won’t be enough to attract custom. Whilst you may focus far more on the services and testimonials on the slick and corporate website of an IT solutions company; those searching for a personal trainer are far more likely to be attracted to the professional design of the logo and graphics. That’s not to say your services and testimonials aren’t important. Quite the opposite. But when it comes to marketing, it’s important to know what works in which industry.

To ensure your branding has a strong, clear, singular vision, you need to consider your USP. Every single business or brand has a unique selling point, and focusing in on yours will be key to unlocking your full marketing potential. You may not offer any specific training as a focus; but in this case, what personal touches or qualities set your general training apart from the competition? Do you focus on the results or the journey that leads to them? Is your training deadly serious or social? Do you guide your clients gently through a session or do you go into beast-mode and power them through? There are an unlimited amount of specifics you can pinpoint when branding yourself. Just make sure to bear in mind the importance of keeping your message clear and straightforward. 

Traditional Marketing Is A Viable Option

For the most part, printed brochures are pretty outdated. Not only is their usefulness all but entirely compromised by modern marketing techniques, such as social media, but when printed in unnecessary excess, they’re also a huge waste of paper. Despite this, it’s worth noting that the personal training industry can still find use in this traditional marketing strategy. Consider a scenario in which you’re trying to reel-in some new clients at the gym.

As a personal trainer, you will know what an inexperienced gym-goer looks like at a simple glance. They’re form may be on the brink of injury-inducing. They may be all over the place, with no clear focus on what they’re trying to achieve. Perhaps they’re drenched in sweat, attempting to finish their set with trembling legs. These people don’t want to be told to visit a web page and ‘click here, then click here’. In this scenario, a simple brochure is the best course of action.

We have a team of graphic designers at our personal trainer marketing agency who will have no trouble in composing a brochure which engages the reader. A brochure which appeals to their better judgement, pinpointing the services that you offer and they need.

Target Local Marketing

Many industries target their marketing far and wide – trying to draw in an audience from every corner of the nation, or indeed, the world. Personal training is no such industry. It’s far more likely you will be operating out of one or two gyms, and will want to target the local market. It’s worth noting that you may still one to put a push on national marketing – with offers on paid work out plans, consultations, etc – but ultimately, you will have a fixed base. Luckily for you, the world of modern marketing allows for localised marketing strategies. Utilising long-tailed geographic hashtags – such as #bestpersonaltrainerinessex – is one such way of effortlessly reaching your target audience. 

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There are parallels that can be drawn between personal training and marketing. They might sound a bit forced, but hear me out. I could go into a gym and attempt to bench a new personal best; but without the appropriate training to build me up to this weight, I’m not going to succeed. Similarly, if you don’t put the appropriate legwork into your marketing strategies as a personal trainer, then you’re not going to attract the amount of clients you want and reach your personal best. If you would like the help of a personal trainer marketing agency, contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850 or click here.