Personal Trainer Marketing

Personal Trainer Marketing

Personal Trainer Marketing. Being a personal trainer isn’t an easy job. Not only can your customer base be unreliable, but the very nature of the work is strenuous to say the least. After a long day, you have a right to feel drained, physically and mentally. Unfortunately, this leaves little time for marketing and PR which can lessen your income.

Growth for PTs.

For the PT industry itself, the hardest part of growing your business is getting to the point of recruiting more resources. The step from solo operator to hiring an additional employee gives you the opportunity to increase your clientele by double. It’s clear to see why at this point of your personal trainer business, it is essential to grow effectively, so that you are able to bring on more staff.

To bring on staff, you must be busy at all times so you can afford employees. There is no simple solution to increasing your clientele, however one thing that is certain is that enhancing your exposure will go a very long way to ensuring a profitable PT business.

The need for a personal trainer marketing agency.

Arguably the most effective method of enhancing your online presence is through a marketing and PR agency. If you are looking for an agency that guarantees results and takes the weight off your shoulders, then we are the answer!

How VerriBerri can help.

We have over 11 years of marketing and PR experience that has led to our clients’ exposure dramatically increasing. When it comes to brands or industries we love, such as the personal trainer sector, you can be sure that your company will grow exponentially. Here are a couple of things that separates our personal trainer marketing agency from the rest.

  • We are a young team that know how PT brands should be perceived and we guarantee that our experience in this industry will lead to great results.
  • No matter the time or day of the week, we can always be contacted. We will set up a WhatsApp chat to accommodate this.
  • We are never complacent, and we will always be looking to adapt our strategy to benefit your PT business.

Many sports and fitness brands would not be where they were today if it wasn’t for marketing. Even the Premier League, without its marketing around the globe would only be a competitive league within the UK and little else. If you have a fitness brand, there is no reason why marketing cannot benefit your business in a similar fashion. We are also the only PR agency for personal trainers who guarantee thier results!

Why Personal Trainers need marketing.

Fitness studios, or more specifically personal trainers, are in a perfect position to utilise marketing to enhance their exposure. However, they rarely have a strong marketing strategy. VerriBerri suggests the following reasons:

  • Personal trainers focus locally to build their clientele, however there are only so many people in the region who need a PT. Therefore, looking to expand will grow your brand.
  • With personal training being an intense profession, you may not have the time or resources to dedicate to marketing. Due to this lack of exposure, your brand’s profile will be hindered.
  • Clients will not always be with you for long, in fact the likelihood is that once they are fit, they will take on their own routine. Marketing ensures your brand has a steady flow of future customers.

Our personal trainer marketing agency can help.

Above are just a few examples why marketing is essential; however actually implementing a strategy can be difficult. With this in mind, if you’re looking for an agency that can manage your marketing to grow your profits, then we can help.

We at VerriBerri have a wealth of experience with everything marketing. This includes SEO, blogging, email newsletters, website design and social media, which also extends to a variety of platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We also offer all-encompassing strategies that include a variety of marketing tools, which ensures your PT brand targets an array of channels.

By combining marketing and personal training, we at VerriBerri are uniting two things we love! If you would like your PT business to grow, without it draining your resources, contact VerriBerri today.

Over time, we at VerriBerri, media company Essex, have emphasised the importance of social media for a host of businesses, which also includes personal trainers, where the use of social media allows your PT brand to connect with the local community and grow your clientele. One social media channel that has not been examined in depth for personal trainers though is YouTube and, here at VerriBerri, we believe it is the perfect platform to be utilised within the personal training industry.

The power of YouTube marketing

By 2021, 80% of the worlds internet traffic will be video. Everyone knows about YouTube nowadays; the video streaming and upload service is the Internet’s ‘homepage’ for video content online and has led to the growth of millions of YouTube personalities and profiles. With loyal subscribers to YouTube profiles, there is an opportunity to build a large following on this platform if your content is gripping and keeps viewers entertained.

The perfect fit for personal trainers

The personal training industry fits hand-in-hand with the YouTube platform, as much of the training requires motion instruction. By this, we mean that there is an opportunity for your PT brand to showcase a range of exercises and instructional videos online.

Of course, this can begin as free content, but over time you can make money through advertising or even make your fitness videos available through payment only. By combining these instructional videos alongside promotional content, your personal training business will be firing on all cylinders to maximise your exposure.

VerriBerri’s experience with YouTube marketing

VerriBerri marketing and online PR are not suggesting that you release all of your training regimes on YouTube as you may be giving away your USP for free, however by releasing this video content alongside other forms of marketing and PR, you can be sure that your personal training brand will be seen as a reputable and proactive business. Back to YouTube promotion and here are a few things that VerriBerri can help with:

  • Create captivation content – Our in-house graphic designers have a wealth of experience creating aesthetically pleasing and informative video content
  • Build a following – VerriBerri will research the local community and build a YouTube following that will take interest in your personal training regimes.
  • Grow your clientele – VerriBerri know what it takes to convert an interested video viewer into a client, this makes sure your PT brand remains profitable.

For personal trainers, YouTube is an effective tool to maximise your exposure. If you would like assistance in this area, then get in touch with VerriBerri media company Essex today!

Due to many people choosing to take on personal training as a career, this industry is incredibly competitive. Especially when you consider the long-standing PTs already in the market. With this intense competition there is certainly a consideration for branding, or perhaps rebranding, for established trainers.

Branding for start ups

If you are an up-and-coming personal trainer, having a complete branding service is essential. It will provide you with a springboard you can then grow from. If your site looks cheap then it won’t draw in any potential clients. If there is not a clear marketing message conveyed to the public, then they will question your credentials. Having a complete branding strategy ensures you can penetrate the market and build a customer base quickly and effectively.

Rebranding for established PT

Aas an already established personal training business, if your performance has fallen flat then you’ll need to consider rebranding aspect. This will ensure you can recover and keep threats from new emerging PTs to a minimum. When we say rebranding we aren’t talking about changing the name of your business per se; rather look to adapt your marketing message or strategy to accommodate a more modern approach that attracts new customers.

Personal trainer marketing 

It’s all well and good us stating that a complete (re)branding strategy is needed; however, it must be approached with caution. If you are looking for a different branding approach, look no further than VerriBerri; this is what we can do for you:

  • Social approach. Having a clear, unified social media message ensures the public understand your PT service. It also separates you from the rest.
  • Branding exercise. If there is a specific training exercise that your PT business specialises in, VerriBerri guarantee that this will be branded.
  • Consistent branding. If you decide to rebrand, we guarantee that it looks consistent and professional thanks to our accomplished in-house designers.

A complete branding strategy may be necessary to help your personal trainer business recover, or even get off the ground. If you fit this bracket, then our personal trainer marketing team are the agency for you!