Pet Industry Marketing


Pet Industry Marketing

Here at VerriBerri, pet industry marketing has been a speciality of ours for over a decade. As a team full of furry-friend lovers, we’re extremely passionate about helping brands to find their feet within the market. What’s more, we love nothing more than seeing our client’s flourish and grow!

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What really is marketing and how can it boost my pet brand?

When you work in marketing, it’s safe to say that no two days are the same. In short, this process is all about gaining exposure for your brand through any organic means necessary. This might be through a social media campaign, a guest feature on a podcast, or even through the use of influencers. The landscape is incredibly broad.

If you ask us, marketing is something that every brand needs to be investing in. Providing your strategy is comprehensive and well-rounded, the ROI is guaranteed to be high. Not to mention, it’ll also give your reputation a boost too.

Why is marketing so essential right now? 

It’s no secret that many of us will do anything for our pets. Whether you’re producing a cat-friendly advent calendar or are a coffee chain offering dog-exclusive drinks, there are always plenty of ways for businesses to profit from our love for our animals. And where there is money, there is competition.


With the prospect of Christmas growing scarily close, lots of festive products have already begun hitting the shelves. With so much variety to choose from, it’s critical that your brand finds a way to land your products in front of its potential consumers. If this is something you’re struggling with, marketing is the answer to all your prayers!

Where should I start?

When it comes to building an extensive strategy, one of the first places you should start is choosing your pet industry marketing agency. Whilst there is definitely scope for you to manage some elements yourself, for the most part, marketing is a very specialist area. Not only does this require time and dedication, but it also requires technical skill and contacts too. 

At VerriBerri, we like to keep our services personal, tailoring each of our packages to suit every individual client. We know that no two businesses are the same, so why would your strategies be?

We’ll get to know your brand, your aspirations for the future and the message you want to portray through your marketing. From here, we can then offer advice on what methods we believe would be the most lucrative for you. Of course, the more time and money you invest into this area, the better the return. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to spend a bomb to see results. We’ll work with you to build a strategy that aligns with your budget.

As a multi-skilled agency, we provide a comprehensive list of services. These include…

Social media marketing and management 

The work of social media specialists is often overlooked. Whilst this is one area you could choose to implement yourself; you’ll quickly find that you’ve soon got your work cut out. Trust us!

Unfortunately, running a successful social media account isn’t quite as simple as whacking together a post and throwing it up. Often, creating content requires research, in addition to knowledge and understanding of a brands product. What’s more, for these channels to be lucrative, you need to be original, putting a huge emphasis on the importance of brainstorming. Each of these processes need to be carried out before your pen even touches the paper. As you see, social media marketing and management can be quite a demanding task!

Within VerriBerri, we have our very own team dedicated to providing social media support and guidance to our clients. Each day, they work around the clock to build audiences, encourage engagement, and improve the reputations of hundreds of brands. 

Public relations (PR)

In addition to social media, our team are also incredibly talented when it comes to PR too. Whether you’re looking to feature within popular publications, planning to host an event, or interested in launching an influencer campaign, we’ve got experience in every area!


As people who implement PR strategies every day, believe us when we say that contacts are incredibly important. Journalists for top publications receive hundreds of emails a day, and if you want to be noticed, you need to have a name they’ll recognise. At VerriBerri, we have spent over a decade securing and solidifying the relationships we now have today. For better time-efficiency, it always pays to utilise an established pet industry marketing agency.

Search engine marketing (SEM) 

When it comes to SEM, this is one marketing tactic that every business needs to be adopting, especially if you partake in ecommerce. Google is home to trillions of websites all looking to reach potential consumers. When you implement SEO or PPC, these techniques are used to boost your visibility among the masses.

Although SEO and PPC fall under the same umbrella (search engine marketing), both solutions take a very different approach. Search engine marketing is an organic way of improving your ranking on Google. Meanwhile, pay per click takes a non-organic stance. You can read more about these techniques here.

Search engine marketing is a very technical element of pet industry marketing, making it tricky to implement without extensive experience. With 12 years of expertise under our belt, it’s safe to say that we know a thing or two about improving your visibility on Google. For more information on how we can help, get in touch!

Graphic design and website development 

Graphic design and website development are both key elements in the success of your business. In order for your marketing to be successful, you need to start with solid foundations. This means getting your branding in check before you delve too deep! 

First impressions count and at VerriBerri, we’re keen to help every brand succeed. Starting from scratch with your website? In need of a branding refresh? We’ve got you covered!

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