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Find out how our Pinterest Marketing agency grew our page by 3,572% in just 30 days.

In July 2020, we decided that we would start using our own Pinterest marketing strategy in addition to posting on behalf of our clients. 

It’s a difficult niche trying to promote a marketing agency on Pinterest because the main user base will make a purchase of a product, not a service. When it comes to product sales, a reported 66% make a purchase after seeing pins. When you are selling homeware or clothing, that’s fantastic! But marketing and PR services? Well that’s a little trickier! 

So how do you go about using Pinterest for a corporate company? Is it of value? And for some of you, what is Pinterest? These are all questions we will answer in todays blog.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a platform that allows you to create virtual pinboards to store images, ideas, and inspiration. Much like Instagram, the entire platform is based on visuals but it’s much more customisable. 

Pinterest social media marketing

In essence, you can split your interests into categories; for arguments sake you can have a travel board, a food board, and a home and interiors board. Your pins are kept organised and you are able to go back whenever you like and view what you pinned. So that recipe you pinned on the food board is always accessible. To make it even better, its extremely responsive. Once the platform realises the kinds of pins you are keeping it will customise your feed to show you inspiration it thinks you will like based on your recent interactions.

Is Pinterest worth having?

As with any social platform this does depend on the demographic of your client base. There will be certain businesses who do very well; namely lifestyle, fashion, travel, and interiors (to name a few). If you are, for example, a waste management company – it will not be anywhere near as effective and you will get a better ROI on platforms such as LinkedIn. 

Pinterest has 300 million people actively using the platform every month. The majority of them are not UK based admittedly; but that said, 21% of UK users log on weekly, and 8% daily! 55% of people who use Pinterest say they use it as an ‘almost search engine’ in order to buy new products. 

What if I’m a corporate, rather than lifestyle, brand? 

 It is more important than ever to set realistic and clear goals, with an organised strategy to support that. You can’t just drop links and anticipate that people will visit your page. You must have specific targets with accompanying content and images that are designed to win over your audience and make them want to click through to see what you are doing. 

Much like other visual platforms, Pinterest needs eye catching images that capture the essence of your strategy. Make sure your pictures are clear and any text is in keeping with your brand identity. 

Remember too that educational content is crucial to an effective strategy. 84% of people on Pinterest say that they use the platform to learn new things. Whilst imparting knowledge, in a visual manner, you should inspire people too. 

Timing is important too. On most social platforms, there is little point posting when people are not on there. With Pinterest, don’t think the time you post but how seasonally relevant the content is. Platforms like Instagram move fast, so your content can quickly be lost; however, Pinterest has more longevity and your posts can stay very visible for weeks or even months. 

Another great thing Pinterest does is allow you to plan and schedule your content within the platform itself, much like Facebook. This means there is total control over what you are doing, and you can step away from it periodically. 

What did we learn?

As a business selling a service, using Pinterest can be difficult. We decided to link to the bespoke graphics we make for our own Instagram page (which you can see by clicking here). These link clicks went straight to the home page of our website. Alongside this, we publish an informational blog daily, so we created quick graphics that would direct people to that page too.

pinterest marketing

The statistics you can see on this image are what we achieved in just 30 days. We found that there was no correlation in interest according to the days we posted, which was interested because we assumed weekends would drive more traffic. Our team think that this is due to the longevity of the posts and additionally, because we are not a lifestyle brand, if people are looking for our advice, it would not necessarily be at the weekend. That being said, the day we saw the most traffic was a particular Saturday, but this was not consistent

We found that videos performed significantly better than images, and videos with faces on did even better. Unsurprisingly, the blogs we pointed to that related to weddings did very well. However, the hyper specific topics like ‘how to market your vegan brand’ and ‘Post pandemic business advice’ did not drive a lot of traffic, but the click throughs and engagement as a percentage were significantly better. 

For example, the post ‘PR agency’ had 6,909 impressions but 0.9% engagements. However, ‘What do a PR agency actually do’ had 5.3% engagement but only 19 impressions. 

This shows the value in split testing your marketing techniques. 

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