Plus Size Fashion Marketing

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Plus Size Fashion Marketing

How Plus Size Brands Can Benefit From Specialist Plus Size Fashion Marketing

The plus size market is big business – if you pardon the pun! While it is still a very much under-served sector in fashion; experts have estimated that the plus size market is worth an astonishing £20 billion. As a result, it presents a huge growth opportunity for brands – especially with the rising trend of body positivity. For brands who already managed to capture this market, plus size fashion marketing is essential! 

At VerriBerri – a local marketing and PR agency in Essex. We believe that every industry deserves specialist marketing services – no matter how niche or complex. Since starting our agency in 2009; we have worked with a wide variety of clients in fashion, beauty, and much more. With our previous experiences in these sectors, we are pleased to offer an expert marketing and PR service to all of our clients. Our in-depth knowledge of your industry and highly-skilled creatives put us way above of our competitors. 

When it comes to plus size fashion marketing, VerriBerri understand the importance of having a dedicated marketing strategy. In many ways, marketing to plus size customers is no different to straight-size consumers. However, it proves invaluable to work with a marketing company who understands the beliefs, values and thoughts of plus-size shoppers. After all, straight-size fashion brands have told them they’re not good enough because they cannot fit in their clothing.. You don’t want to make the mistake of working with a marketing agency who uses the same strategy for straight-sized brands, as they do plus size brands. 

The Importance of Social Media

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With one-third of female consumers identifying as plus-size, there is a massive target audience waiting to hear about your product or service. Here at VerriBerri, we believe one of the greatest ways to connect and engage your audience is through social media. This is particularly true for fashion brands! Whether it’s launching a dedicated YouTube profile or setting up an Instagram for your brand; having a presence online is more important than ever.

Social media will help your brand be seen by users all over the world. This will start the all-important customer relationship journey – which will eventually lead to sales. Also, as a hugely visual industry, social media platforms provide the perfect place for you to share your latest clothing launch or upcoming releases. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are the ultimate platforms for plus size fashion brands. The Instagram hashtag #plussizefashion has over eight million posts. This shows the massive community of users waiting to discover your business.

How PR Can Help

With the sheer amount of fashion brands out there, you want your clothing to standout amongst the crowd. You want your brand message to be heard . This is especially true if you are promoting something as important as body positivity or sustainability. Therefore, public relations is the key to success! With a specialist plus size fashion marketing and PR team, you can share your values in relevant, industry-specific publications. Our professional PR team have previously worked with fashion editors at Cosmopolitan, Closer and Fabulous to secure our clients free editorial. When it comes to public relations, we believe in an organic and cost-effective approach. Our method is proven to help to raise awareness of your brand without spending an extra penny! That’s why we have become the chosen PR agency for plus size fashion brands.

The Rise of Plus Size Fashion Influencer Marketing

In recent years, influencer marketing has become such an important part of a fashion brand’s overall marketing strategy. Influencers are a valuable advertising stream – especially given the trust they have built with their audience. Not only does it massively help to raise awareness of your brand, but you are targeting your exact audience if you work with the right influencers. Just like straight-sized fashion brands, there are a number of plus size influencers for plus size brands to work with. Some of these include Jade Sezer, Simone Charles and Stephanie Yeboah. In the past, our social media and PR team have previously successfully arranged influencer partnerships and gifted collaborations for fashions brands. As a result, we have connections with a number of plus size influencers based in the UK. 

The Benefits Of Plus Size Fashion SEO 

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As other plus size fashion brands start to emerge onto the market, it’s important that your brand doesn’t get lost in the crowd. You could find that one day you’re ranking at the top for the search term ‘plus size clothing’ and the next you’re at the bottom of page five! After all, the Google algorithm is constantly changing. However, with an effective SEO strategy, you can ensure your plus size clothing brand stays on page one. With experience on various e-commerce platforms (including Magento and Shopify), our experienced SEO team will take your website from height to height. We will perform regular SEO audits and content optimisation on your site – tweaking your website and our methods according to Google algorithm updates. 

Why Choose VerriBerri?

As we mentioned above, VerriBerri is a specialist marketing agency, providing bespoke marketing strategies for a variety of industries. We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’. All of our clients receive a personalised strategy, which is tailored to their business according to its specific needs and goals. If you’re a plus size fashion brand looking for social media support, we will provide a thorough strategy with our social media plans. We pride ourselves on being completely transparent and honest. We won’t try to sell you any services you don’t need. Instead, the team at VerriBerri will work with you to establish your requirements and become an extension of your team. 

If you want to find out how our plus size fashion marketing and PR can benefit your business, get in touch with our team on 01376 386 850 or email [email protected]