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Our Objectives

The client, The Blue Group, own a chain of restaurants and gastro pubs. They wanted to change the public perception of pubs in Essex  by creating and launching a rebranded restaurant, with a twist.  Masterchef professionals semi-finalist, Andi Walker, would be the face of the restaurant. This was following an already extremely successful pop up restaurant on the second floor of The Riverside Inn in Chelmsford. The chain wanted a new voice through social media and PR. The aim was to bring in a new diverse audience to the restaurant, create more business and uphold a fantastic reputation in the Essex area.


Our Approach

In order to achieve our objectives on this account, we felt that a rebranding exercise was necessary. The restaurant needed a new image and to be refreshed in order to show current clientele and potential new customers, the changes that were happening behind the scenes. A full rebranding exercise was carried out, which resulted in a new logo, business cards, website and overall look and feel to the brand. Once this was completed, we ran two events alongside each other in order to launch the new restaurant. This was to raise brand awareness and get people talking. Firstly a blogger dinner was organised, in which several hospitality branding agency local influencers were invited down to try Andi Walker’s fine dining experience. Following the success of this, several positive articles were written and published. We then organised a second launch party. This was to reveal the new branding, new menu for the entire restaurant and to celebrate the success of Andi Walker so far. Press, influencers, friends, and family were invited to join the celebrations. We supplied goodie bags which were full of branded local goodies and freebies for guests to enjoy. Following the event, further press coverage was secured in order to give The Riverside Inn the positive boost it needed and the recognition the food and service deserved.


Our Results

Following rebranding and two launch parties, we managed to secure the following coverage for Andi Walker at The Riverside Inn, in the Essex area.

Social media: 273,550 followers

Total Readership Coverage

Online: 715,000 per month

Print: 151,000

By doing this, it ensured that we had spread the word across the county about the new launch of The Riverside Inn in a positive way and raised brand awareness for The Blue Group as a whole. It also worked to boost Andi’s personal profile as the coverage discussed his success so far and the steps in which he took to get to this point. Due to the restaurant re-brand and a new menu from Andi, the business had encouraged new loyal customers to attend on a regular basis and boosted the fine dining sales tremendously as the upstairs of the restaurant was regularly filled with satisfied customers and friendly faces.

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