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Our Objectives


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We were approached by a start up business called Sway Commerce, who provide remote business support and strategy for growing SMEs. The client had already decided on the name and objective of the company. They were seeking a new logo design and branding guidelines. During the initial consultation, our team defined the core brand values and developed a clear understanding of Sway Commerces’ mission before going ahead with the branding.


Our Approach


Once we had a clear understanding of the clients requirements, our in house design team set a timeline in which each task would be completed. We started the process by providing a logo brief document to be filled out by the client, in which we could use the answers and preferences to design four logo suggestions to choose from. Based on the client’s mission, we agreed on creating a corporate, sleek and cutting edge logo that symbolises collaboration and business growth. Once the client selected the preferred logo, they were able to request three rounds of revisions to adapt the logo slightly, change the colours and merge two logos together.


Our Results


By the end of the 4 weeks, we had designed a unique and powerful logo which featured a strong palette of colours and gradients. The bold and bright colours combined create a distinctive, eye-catching identity that perfectly captures the friendly and optimistic nature of business. The shapes of the logo incorporate the company’s goal and mission which focuses on collaboratively working alongside businesses to build their strategies for success.


Once the logo was finalised, we created a document containing the branding guidelines to ensure specific fonts and colours were used on marketing materials and across any future websites. We then combined all the information to create a brand identity brief. This document acts as a concise explanation of who Sway Commerce are and the brand’s USP, useful any potential new clients who look to collaborate with the brand in the future.


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