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About This Project

Our Objectives


A perfume company approached us to represent the JoJo Siwa branded perfume, ‘Be You’, and ensure bottles were successfully sold. The product was new to the market and had not yet been stocked in any stores, although there was interest from ‘The Perfume Shop’.

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The company had an Instagram profile with a good following but at that point it was not growing as effectively as it could and the engagement was low. As it was part of the JoJo Siwa line, branding guidelines had to be strictly adhered to.

In addition to the above, the company were interested in public relations push to increase exposure.

Our Approach

As part of the PR campaign, we secured press coverage and organised competitions in national and teenage magazines. This gave us cost free exposure in many publications which were directly aimed at our target audience, for example, OK! Magazine.


In addition to this, we ran an intimate and exclusive ‘Be You Brunch’ in the fashionable Clerkenwell Grind. A selection of 15 fashion and beauty bloggers were invited with a combined social following in the millions, all attendees received high quality, on brand gift bags which contained offerings including the perfume.


We took the Instagram platform and created branded graphics and images, working to grow the following and engagement significantly.


Our Resultsmarketing and PR agency stunt

We consistently increased Instagram following on the account by an average of 30% each month.

We doubled the Instagram account engagement within the first month.

We managed to secure seven PR articles in the average month, with an average viewing of 13.75 million people directly within the target audience of this product. Should the brand have paid for this exposure directly through the media, rather than through us, the exercise would have been 5.4 times more expensive for them.

Furthermore, we assisted the brand with solidifying the partnership with The Perfume Shop, and our design department created the graphics for shop windows and displays.

The above activities boosted both sales and exposure dramatically.


Design, PR, Social Media
Design, lifestyle, PR, Social Media