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About This Project

Our objectives


Our client, the geotechnical drilling firm, Borehole Solutions, came to us in early April with a desire to spread the word about what they were doing to help the NHS. The entire engineering team at Borehole had temporarily shifted their focus, when the nation called for it most, to work around the clock to produce a variety of parts essential in the creation of ventilators.

Whilst the VerriBerri PR team would usually pitch a variety of geotechnical features to industry specific publications for this client, we were excited for the opportunity to dive into something new! Not to mention, it felt great to share some positive information with the public during this difficult time.


Our approachconstruction marketing


We made it our priority to write up a press release, covering everything Borehole was doing to assist the NHS. This included gathering quotes and pictures from the Borehole team, and concisely composing all the relevant information into a pitch to send out to the press.

We made sure not to embellish anything, but instead used only genuine information gathered from the Borehole team to show how they were truly doing their part. From the day and night production of life-saving equipment to safe and simple practices of disinfection and social distancing when carrying out essential drilling jobs, we were confident that this press release would receive a promising response.


Our results


As expected, we received an overwhelming response. After securing 8 leads in industry specific publications within one day of the press release being distributed – and with an expected 6 leads per quarter for the Borehole account – it’s safe to say that both we, and the client, were satisfied.

News of the firm’s dedication to creating much-needed ventilator parts was exposed to a readership of 160,000 – most of which stemmed from industry specific publications, ultimately getting the Borehole name in front of those people who are most likely to require their services and appreciate the sacrifice they made to help those in need.

VerriBerri guarantees a commitment to their client’s cause. No matter how much coverage a client pays for, if we can beat that target, we will.



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