Food and Drink App

About This Project

PR for Food and Drink App

Our Objectives

We were approached by a company that had an app for food and drink brands. It was a B2B app that was relatively new to the hospitality sector. We are under a non- disclosure agreement for this client but details can be

Our Approach

The company wanted to increase their brand recognition in the UK and the USA. They were interested in mainstream media, but predominantly B2B publications that would result in customer enquiries. We were commissioned to work for them on a six-month rolling basis and our target was ten publications a quarter for seven hours PR a week. This was to source the lead, create the content, and ensure the subsequent publication.

Our Results

Within the first quarter of working with the client VerriBerri had not met but exceeded our targets. We should have secured 10 publications in that first month, in fact we had 26 leads not just secured, but in print. The publications were high end and spoke to a specific audience. It is safe to say the client renewed the contract with us at the end of the term and we still enjoy a good relationship with them.


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