Food and Drink Strategy

About This Project

Content and Branding Strategy for Food Product


Our Objectives

We were approached by a company that had created a Malaysian food product that was to enter the UK market. When we met, the company had no branding or strategy. They wanted us to help with both. The aim was to have brand guidelines, logo design, label and packaging design, and a content strategy within 10 weeks. They felt that the product was well suited to students due to the organic, fashionable nature of the product in addition to those who were passionate about eating well.branding and design

Our Approach

We began by taking samples of the product to test groups and working with the feedback given to establish who the target markets were and where the product would sit in the market. We quickly realised that the product’s target market would be better suited to women, aged 25-45, often interested in healthy living and the environment. As such, after discussions with the brand, we suggested adjusting the strategy and branding to incorporate this market. After some deliberation, it was agreed and our design team created four example labels. Once the board decided what two they liked, the branding was again put to a test group made up of the target market, along with questions regarding pricing and other relevant angles.

After the results were collated, our team created all the branding required, along with a content and social media strategy.


Our Results

By the end of the ten weeks VerriBerri provided the client with an entire branding package that met the approval of the board and was highly rated by the test group. In addition to this, within the content and social media strategy we created some collaborations with some high profile chefs we know, who were able to create bespoke recipes for the brand which not only provided them with valuable content, but increased the reach of a new company significantly.


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