LGBTQ PR event

About This Project

Our Objectives

We were approached by an LGBTQ+ brand, which have asked to remain nameless but are happy to provide a reference on request.  They were interested in expanding into the USA and UK from where they had a current customer base in Germany and Greece. The brand wanted to utilise Pride in New York to do this too. They had designed a float, but wanted us to source influencers and secure press coverage to the new geographical markets.

Our Approach

We started by using our bank of influencers to secure the correct people to draw media attention to the float. We had a selection social media for LGBT brandsof people from UK and US TV shows like Ex on the Beach, Geordie Shore, The Only Way is Essex, and USA equivalents. We also had famous LGBTQ+ campaigners. Once we had the influencers secured we created a PR strategy which revolved around niche and mainstream media. The larger media outlets we secured, such as MTV, we invited onto the float itself with us. The others we supplied with content and images from the event.

Our Results

We ran the project itself and attended the event in New York to project manage on the day. The overall exposure, excluding MTV as this was difficult to get a solid figure for, was 102.9 million people through online publications. The additional reach on social channels was 198 million people.

We were paid £20,000 for the PR exercise (plus influencer costs.) Should the company had advertised direct with the publications rather than through us, the cost of this exercise would have been 381 thousand pounds.

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