PR for dating agency

About This Project

Our Objectives

We were approached by a start-up business called Clique, who provide dating services globally. The client had already decided on the name and objective of the company, and were seeking help in raising awareness. They wanted to do this through Social Media, PR, and SEO.

Our Approach

We wanted to approach the right audiences, so we defined the geographical locations we felt would best benefit from our marketing efforts. Secondly, we refined the target markets to those who would best benefit from this service. Once we had a strategy in place we put the website and branding to a test group to gain feedback. We used this to leverage the brand’s exposure throughout the project duration.

Our Results

We managed to grow the social platforms by an average of 20% every month, and increased engagements and actions taken. We took the brand-new platforms to reach over 80,000 potential users each month within the first three months.

The SEO for this brand was a slower burn, as it is a saturated market. However, we still attracted around 3,000 users to the site on a monthly basis through organic SEO.

Our PR campaign secured the client an average of seven leads every month. They enjoyed exposure in large publications such as ‘LadBible,’ ‘Huffington Post’ and daily UK papers such as ‘The Mail’ and ‘The Mirror’. In addition to this we secured them a place on a ‘love and sex’ panel in central London where they featured alongside BBC experts.










PR, SEO, Social Media
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