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Client Social Media Management


Our Objectives

The founder of NeeNoo came to us ahead of the launch of their new website. They wanted to raise awareness through social media profiles (Instagram and Facebook) before and during the launch. Therefore, we were tasked to create content and manage NeeNoo’s social media channels to ensure growth and awareness. At that moment in time there were new social profiles. We were also tasked with sourcing images and carrying out design work where brand Instagram agency

Our Approach

Working closely with the team at NeeNoo, VerriBerri were able to capture the exact style and tone the brand wanted to portray throughout their content. This was important to NeeNoo as it ensures they build a relationship with their followers and ultimately, gain more users for the business itself.

VerriBerri also had a target of achieving 1,000 followers on both platforms, which we successfully managed to hit in the first month. As a result, NeeNoo had a 8,100% increase in their Facebook likes for July and a 572% increase in followers on Instagram.

Our Essex social media management agency are committed to providing you with a page that not only gets engagement and attention, but ensure this converts to sales.

We create eye catching, engaging content that your potential customers will love. All our posts are carefully crafted to suit your brand and tone completely.

Our Results

After a successful two months of working on the account, the client reported this: “VerriBerri have captured the tone of being a parent really effectively (especially as this can be hard to do if you haven’t yet been promoted to this title) and the team are always willing to listen and adapt the strategy quickly based on feedback.”

Our Essex social media management team are extremely proud of our results. Why not get in touch and find out how we can help you.

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