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Why having a PR agency Essex is crucial for small and medium sized businesses

Every company faces hardships. Small and medium sized businesses are no exceptions to this rule. The hardship could be financial or a lack of brand recognition or difficulty with staff retention. Believe it or not, investing in a PR agency could help you with all of the aforementioned issues and more!

Investing in a PR agency is a way to gain traction and break into key markets. It opens doors by capturing the attention of your audience and sets up your business to achieve its long term goals. 

How PR can help you achieve your goals

Every business owner has a unique goal they would like to achieve. Generating business leads and recruiting talent are critical to achieving any goal. PR is an integral part for the success of these two components. 

When your company is mentioned by specific media outlets, business leads follow. Your brand is gaining name recognition and is therefore more visible to your audience and even potential investors. With the right messaging and exposure, your business can be perceived as a credible and stable partner. Many business owners can attribute their success to being in the right moment at the right time. PR puts your company into the public domain, increasing your chances of being seen by the right people, at the right time.

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Recruiting talent is of the upmost importance to any business. Running a successful business takes an extraordinary amount of work. If you are unable to trust and rely on your employees, you will never be able to reach your goal. Fortunately, successful PR means you do not have to look far. More often than not, following a successful PR campaign, your profile will be raised in the minds of talented individuals. If you establish yourself as a leader in your field, prospective employees come to you. In addition to this, positive publicity is likely to increase staff retention rates. Also, employee morale has been proven to be higher in organisations that have a positive public image.

PR has the potential to both attract the most talented individuals to your business and retain your existing employee superstars. This, coupled with an increased number of business leads has the potential to change the trajectory of your businesses for the better.

How PR can bring attention to your business

PR is a fantastic way of drawing attention to your business. A successful PR campaign allows you to control the discussion surrounding your company and provides you with the ability to push positive messages and clarify your position on important topics.

Great PR agencies like Essex-based VerriBerri help you develop your message. This message is then carried across all of your PR and marketing efforts. This allows you to guide the narrative surrounding your business. PR can be more effective than advertising. Earned publicity through editorial media coverage or even word of mouth is often trusted far more than a paid advertisement. Put yourself in the shoes of consumers. Who are you more likely to believe, a paid salesman or a person who has actually bought the product?

This being said, PR works in unison with marketing. The two should not be competing for resources. PR can support and amplify your other initiatives as well as create trust between you and your audience. This can create lasting relationships and generate goodwill which cannot be bought. It is a prize purchased with substantial investment in your company’s public image through PR. 

How PR can make your business perform better

Identifying your target audience should be priority number one for any business. If you do not know your audience, how can you ensure that your message is having the right impact? Your message may not be reaching the right people and your PR campaign will therefore not be very successful. Defining your key message is another integral step to ensure your PR activities don’t carry on unnoticed. 

VerriBerri are an Essex-based PR agency. We sit down with you to work out the message you want to send to your customers. We work with you to make this message clear and concise. Listening to your ideas and providing you with our own. Collaborating to create the best message for your business that we both believe can succeed. We then tailor a PR campaign unique to your company, ensuring we reach your target audience with maximum effect. We  utilise our industry contacts and dedicated PR and marketing teams to guarantee results, and are the only UK-basedPR agency to do so.

When you work with us you will be assigned a dedicated account manager. They will co-ordinate your campaign within our internal PR and marketing departments. This manager is a professional contact who will ensure that your standards are met across the board. You will receive a monthly progress report so that you can measure your success, giving you peace of mind. 

On top of this, our pricing system is completely transparent. It is an open book from your initial investment until completion of your campaign. Earning your trust is more important to us than your money. We record the hours spend on your project from every team member involved. This means you can determine whether you are receiving the right return on your investment.

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