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PR Agency For Baby Brands

Why A PR Agency For Baby Brands Is So Important

There is no more joyous moment in life than when you see your new-born child for the very first time. At that second you know your child is here – everything is right with the world. Nothing could give you more happiness. The baby brand industry, by contrast, can be an incredibly difficult arena to navigate. Many people make the mistake in thinking (and it is this that often results in their downfall) that you should be targeting parents once the baby is born.

However; half the battle is in getting parents to trust your brand prior to the baby’s delivery. This will create a sales funnel you can later earn from. The team here at VerriBerri, a leading PR agency for baby brands; want to talk about all the extra considerations brands often forget when targeting the new-born demographic.

Fail To Prepare, Prepare To Fail


To throw in another overused cliché, it’s a marathon and not a sprint. There’s a subtle yet important distinction to be drawn between targeting expectant parents and the parents of new-borns. Whilst your product will ultimately be targeted at those who have had their child; your PR and marketing should primarily be targeted at those still waiting for their wee bairn to pop out.

Think of it this way; do you target the 9 months or thereabouts that parents are able to think about preparing for their new-born and the sort of products they’ll want to be prepared. Or do you target them during the mad rush straight after the child is born. It’s a no brainer. A PR agency for baby brands can take your product and target both childcare-specific magazines as well as the broader mainstream media. This ensures you’re getting both quality of return from a smaller audience (the trade publication) and quantity of return from the increased exposure that a national newspaper can guarantee.

It’s About So Much More Than Just The Product

More than any other group of people, expectant parents are interested in lifestyle tips and tricks beyond the product itself. If you can offer them something tangible that will help make both theirs and their baby’s lives easier, then great. But what they’d like even more is if you can offer them invaluable advice. With that in mind, incorporate these other facets into your brand. On your website, for example, start blogging about other areas that a new parent would want to read about; healthcare, food and drink, keeping them entertained, getting them to sleep, dealing with tantrums etc. Whatever you can think of that you yourself as a new parent would’ve wanted to know, document it in some way and get people hooked in that way. It’s incredibly effective marketing.

Beyond that, in all that you do, whether that be blogging or social media or anything else, position yourself as a brand that is onside with parents as opposed to simply a company shifting a few units of stock. Focus on community rather than capital. If your product is good, trust in it and the sales will come. You’ll find that they come far more readily if you’ve offered salient advice rather than push your product too much. Now, at the end of the day you still have a product to sell. You should obviously never forget that. You’re a business, after all. But finding that balance between friend and salesperson is more crucial in the baby brand industry than it is anywhere else. A PR agency for baby brands is experienced in towing that line and will be able to help you find that right tone.

Don’t Forget About Social Media

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The mummy blogger industry is staggeringly big. It seems like every mum and her dog is documenting their journey through parenthood in some way, and good on them! It also presents an exciting opportunity for you as a baby brand. Building your social media accounts is the best thing you can do to build brand trust, loyalty and recognition. The most important factor in any social media strategy should always be consistency, without it you’ll get mixed results at best, and no results whatsoever at worst.

To achieve a high level of consistency, utilise scheduling apps and websites and create content well in advance. It’s much easier to spend a day or two planning one to two months’ worth of content than try and keep on top if it day-to-day. This all means that you can focus on user interaction and carrying out following sprees knowing that the main part, the content, is taken care of. 

Social media doesn’t come all that easy to many people, which is entirely understandable given how complex it can. It’s especially difficult for those of us that never grew up with it! Fortunately, a PR agency for baby brands almost always has social media specialists within its ranks ready to take on the graft for you! Having such specialists on board also presents much greater scope for brainstorming and creativity. If you run a business either on your own or with a very few employees, then you sometimes lose those fresh perspectives which help all the best businesses tick – specialists solve that problem!

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For such a pure industry, there sure is a lot of competition out there. Everybody seems to want a piece of that baby brand pie and the industry currently is brimming at the seams with wannabe players. The key to your success is ensuring that you don’t make the same mistakes as your competitors. The main thing is to make sure you act early and act consistently. So, if you’d like to find out more about our PR agency for baby brands, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850. We’d love to sit down and find out how you want to put smiles on all those parents’ faces!